Saturday, December 19, 2009

Dec. 19 - Lack of Preparation Strikes Again

Yesterday was a great day at the store. I was so busy I couldn't even eat my snack. So when it came time for dinner and nothing was prepped I ordered pizza. In my past life this would have seemed like the world's most normal solution. Now, this is and extreme reaction.

I made the best choices I could come up with from Pizza Hut. I got edge crust (very thin) with grilled chicken and veggies and I requested a lighter sprinkling of cheese than is the norm. It was really delicious. I know cheat meals are a welcome break in any eating plan. However, the night before a weekend full of social obligations, all revolving around food, was not the time to do this!

In a perfect world, I would have prepped my dinner before I left for work so all we had to do would be to microwave it. So I have to make today a little more perfect. There is no way I am going to tonight's food fest without eating a filling, healthy dinner.

A wise woman named Tracy made a recommendation about treats, which I followed. I wrapped up the rest of my pizza so I would not be tempted to nibble and froze it in small single servings for a later date. I definitely won't get the urge to nibble on a frozen mushroom!

Another note: I woke up this morning feeling sort of queasy. I don't know if it is from my white dough pizza or all that cheese but I tried to do stability ball work and had to quit before I barfed. So only 15 minutes of workout today also.

Last night the kids began the cookie baking extravaganza. I bought supplies for them to make Haystack cookies. I detest Haystack cookies because they are chock full of coconut, which I would only eat if I were on the verge of death by starvation. And then I'd think twice. They are also going to make mint chocolate truffles because I don't like mint chocolate. I'm not yet at the point where I feel I can trust myself around piles of cookies that I like.

So my plan for the day goes as follows:

M1: Skim milk latte, toast w/ nat pb, banana
M2: cantaloupe, pineapple and yogurt
M3: turkey patty, raw veggies
M4: trail mix
M5: Turkey tostadas w. guacamole

I have a steady stream of finger food planned for the store so I can slip in a quick bite between customers - I'm expecting today to be mega-busy! Thank goodness of the shot in the arm I am getting from the holidays!

Right after supper I am going to an open house. My good friend keeps gleefully posting all of the decadent treats she is making. My plan is to be completely full when I get there and try and go play games with the kids. I'm not going to stay long. (I really am not too crazy about parties). I will have one treat if it looks fabulous, but only the smallest little bit. If there are any healthy munchies like veggies I'll have some of those.

I can't think of anything I have missed in my plan. I wish I felt a little healthier so I could get in a full workout. Weather permitting, I'm probably going to walk to and from work today so at least that is something!

Wish me luck and great restraint!

Friday, December 18, 2009

Dec. 18th - Tis the season to be crazy, falalalalaaaa

Wow! The store was incredibly busy yesterday. I hope and pray I can keep it up til the end of the year. Every time I start to worry, if I can just reign myself in, things turn around. It's like my diet. I know I am doing things right. Despite a lack of results, sometimes you just have to carry on with what you know is right.

Finally a breakthrough! I weighed this morning and I am down to 201! I am getting super close to my goal of being under 200 pounds by Christmas. I am so glad that it happened today. I have two parties this weekend and this will give me the momentum to get through them eating clean!!! Sometimes you just need that little boost, and this morning I got it. I am feeling much better today too - the cold/sinus-y thing is gone. That was miserable.

I learned from it though, that now after nearly 3 weeks of no chemicals in my system, I am extremely sensitive to things like cold medicine. I can only take half a dose without being in a coma for the day. Every day it seems I discover that I am wildly sensitive to one thing or another. Sometimes I shudder at the toxins I have been pouring into my body with great abandon.

Today's eating plan:

M1: 2 thin slices of ciabbatta toast, 1 tbs nat pb, banana
M2: Leftover turkey, cauliflower roast from last night, a few cashews (there was not a full serving of turkey so this is how I topped off the protein)
M3: Veggie beef soup
M4: Cantaloupe, NZ cheddar, kashi crackers
M5: Ground turkey tostadas w/ spinach, guacamole and salsa

I am expecting the workmen for the basement any second so I did a work out I know - 30 day Shred - again this morning. It has a lot of strength so I did it without the weights today since I did it with weights yesterday. I'm not sure if this was correct but I know you aren't supposed to do strength 2 days in a row. I'm happy though, because last month I would have just said did not have time to work out and I would have skipped it. DD9 watched and giggled, sharing her observations at my lack of grace. (Thanks honey). All in all, my day is looking charmed so far. Food is in the cooler and when the dudes get here I am off to run errands and make money!

Hope you all have a wonderful day. I will try to pop on later. I am figuring out my strategies today for the parties this coming weekend. I'll post as soon as I decide how to handle them.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Dec. 17th

Ahhhhh.... I can breathe today and my head doesn't hurt. I feel much better than yesterday.

This morning I scooted the kids out the door and had my morning date with Jillian (Michaels - 30 Day Shred). All was going well but then as I was gracefully leaping through my jumping jacks like the gazelle that I am there was a rhythmic, loud crashing noise coming from the basement. I jumping-jacked my way to a different spot and the noise went away.

How dreadfully embarrassing. Headlines ran through my brain."Large Woman Exercising Collapses Floor in Local Century Home" I imagined the crane the hot firemen would require to remove me from the rubble of my family room. But did I quit!?! NO!!! I just kept on jumping jacking, consequences be damned! Jillian said no pausing, your only doing this for thirty minutes, so NO PAUSING FOR ME! Whoop - whoop!!!

Thankfully, I sent DD14 down after school while I jumped upstairs, hoping valiantly not to crash through the floor on her. Apparently my family room, where I currently work it, is located right over the large duct from the furnace. The vibrations were making it move. Whew. My floor is safe for now!

Today has been good, although I think my calories and protein intake were on the low side.

M1: 1 Buckwheat pancake, maple syrup, and hm turkey sausage
M2: 1.5 pcs. ciabbatta toast, 1 tbs nat pb, 1/2 banana
M3: Spinach salad, zucchini, grilled chicken
M4: Banana
M5: Oven roasted turkey breast with garlic, cauliflower, carrots, and mushrooms.

Roasted cauliflower is divine. It caramelizes and is just delicious. The other point of interest is the bananas. Why, you ask, is she eating so many bananas? Is there some kind of magic vitamin in bananas? Nope, they were about to go bad.

Have a great day!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Dec.16 - the Chaos of the Holidays.

I've made my plans to help with the chaos this time of year brings:

1.) Sleeping in my workout clothes and doing my DVD the second I get the kids out the door in the morning.
2.) Froze some single servings of clean food - soups, chicken breasts, etc
3.) Prepacked steamer bags full of veggies
4.) Making cookies I hate (coconut haystacks and mint chocolate truffles) There's no way I will be desperate enough for sweets to nibble on those!
5.) Planning outfits for the next week for DD9 and myself - that way special occasion items are pressed and ready and we don't have to scramble around looking for matching tights
6.) Bartered some stuff from my store for house-cleaning services

I figure minimizing the stress will minimize my urges to eat unClean foods. The more stuff I have done ahead of time, the more I can just relax and enjoy the season. I know if I let myself down on the eating plan I will feel awful, which will just lead to eating more of the stuff I shouldn't be.

I seem to be really slowing down on the weight loss. Why does PMS have to be a week long extravaganza? Why can't I just get it and get it over with? I am sure I'm retaining water cause I am fluffy looking today (more than usual). A lot of places had tightened up a bit that are now looking lumpy and bumpy again. I know the food has been okay, so I'm going to hang in there and stay off the scale until next Monday.

I keep reading Tosca's books for encouragement. If I am eating the right things the weight will come off. I must NOT let it get to me that I seem to be stuck this week. It is hard to get out of the mindset that I need to be really hungry to be losing weight. When the scale is stuck I just want to drink water for a week. According to the Eat-Clean principles, that's what got me in this situation in the first place, so I'm going to just follow the plan.

Sometimes I recall looking at people in the fitness industry that seemed to be constantly downing protein shakes and egg whites, thinking to myself that they were just out of control, they were really weird and taking things way too far. I've re-thought that perception.

Take Tosca Reno, for example. She truly knows what it means to be overweight and to make an enormous change through dedication and perseverance. In the past I got a clean-eating magazine and I thought, "That woman is going overboard - there is just no fun in the way she eats." But now I consider these things.

First of all, Tosca practices what she preaches. It is a lifestyle that takes effort but just a different kind of effort. Look at the results she has achieved. I would have loved to look at 20 the way she does at 50. It's very obvious by looking at Tosca, her plan WORKS.

Secondly, all the people whose physiques I admire have the same focus/obsession with nutrition and fitness. Clearly, this is what it takes to look like that! People have been telling us for years, we just don't want to make those changes that take us out of our comfort zones of fast food and channel surfing. No one tried to keep it a secret from the rest of us, we just didn't want to hear it.

Finally, as far as fun goes, what could be more fun than to be vibrant, healthy and energetic for the rest of your life?

I have a couple of parties to go to this weekend and I am just going to do my best to keep working the plan. I'll eat before I go, take a clean treat to share and realize that unhealthy food and fun are NOT the same thing.

I have a bit of a sinus infection. The medicine is killing my appetite. I'm trying to be balanced but I'm choking the food down today.

Today's eats:
m1: hm iced latte made with skim milk
M2: clean toast w/ natural pb, small apple
M3: hm trail mix w/ kashi crunch, raisins and nuts, banana
M4: the rest of the above meal
M5: hm veggie beef soup

Tonight is the Christmas concert. Can't wait to watch my little sweetie sing!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Dec 15, 2009 - A Much Better Day

Yesterday I had the cranky pants on. I am feeling much better today. It makes me realize that in only one week, regular exercise is a habit that makes a big difference in my day. It makes me excited to realize how good I'm going to feel after I have been doing it for a month!

I got my new exercise DVDs and Tosca's Eat-Clean Diet for Family and Kids in yesterday's mail. I finished the book last night and can't wait to try some of the recipes. The only challenge for me is that I have a child with an egg allergy and many of the recipes contain a lot of egg. I'll have to do some experimenting to come up with results my whole family can eat. I shall persevere!! I really thoroughly enjoyed the book.

I have a new theory. (No wonder people find me eccentric) All of these "new" diseases and allergies that seem to have occurred over the past 20-30 years MUST be related to the imaginary foods people are putting in their bodies. We've all thought it, but when we were kids were there foods that were banned from schools because of anaphylactic allergic reactions? No. Had we ever heard of Fibromyalgia or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome? No. I think that North Americans have systematically poisoned themselves and caused these diseases to occur. Back when people simply ate what God provided, these things, if they occurred at all, were extremely rare. My family is going to be a clean-eating family. There is not a single doubt in my mind now.

I did my Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred DVD. I like Jillian. She is very matter of fact, yet encouraging. I do not have to resist the urge to bash her in the head with a weight because of her inane perkiness. In fact I'd be scared to. I'm pretty sure Jillian could take me. She sure kicked my butt with that workout. I was thrilled to be finished and really felt like I accomplished something this morning. My workouts have been rejuvenated. I also found that she explained the moves thoroughly and provided modifications that didn't hurt my knees.

I made some clean "junk food"for breakfast. I used the turkey sausage I made yesterday (I posted that it was chicken but oops, read the package and it was turkey) and I made a sausage egg McMuffCheck Spellingin. LOVED IT.

Here's my day:

M1: Sausage McClean Sandwich ( hm turkey sausage patty, ciabbatta bread, 2 egg whites, clean lf cheddar cheese) Should have had fruit with it but too full - I'll catch up later today
M2: Yogurt and fresh pineapple
M3: Spinach salad with chicken and fresh veggies, hm dressing
M4: HM trail mix
M5: Soup is in the crockpot: Xtra lean g. beef, tomatoes, onions, garlic, sweet potato, carrot, green beans, finely chopped spinach, basil, oregano, bay and thyme. I have cooked brown rice that I will throw into my serving if I stick to the rest of my lower carb day today.

Have a great day, everyone! Off to the showers and a busy productive day.

Monday, December 14, 2009

December 14th - Mega-frustrated.

Let me preface this entire rant with "I'm PMS-ing!"

Stats are in for week 2. Here is the progress so far"

Starting weight 210 Current weight 203
Starting bust 46 Current bust 46
Starting waist 37.5 Current waist 36
Starting hips 47 Current hips 46

I should be thrilled but I'm not.

This week I really upped the ante, adding 5 workouts with DVDs. I really hoped for more than 2 pounds this week. I know, I know, that is the amount you are supposed to loose. Well, bah humbug! I wanted one more week of "Beginner's Momentum"! I really thought the exercise would help with that.

Second issue: Yesterdays DVD was a new one. It was a target toning one with an emphasis on squats and lunges. My hips and knees were killing me within an hour after. Sore muscles I can handle. Sore joints are a big warning sign. I had trouble getting up and down my stairs last night. It has occurred to me that I am simply too big to do these exercises. Boy, doesn't that just poke a hole in the self-esteem! It makes me want to cry just thinking about it.

Sometimes it feels like I am in the wrong body. I am eating healthier than anyone I personally know. I work out 5-6 days a week (admittedly a new habit but roll with me here.) I feel really great and energetic most of the time. I don't feel like a fat person, and yet I am. Sometimes I catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror and that large woman just doesn't seem like she is me! I wonder if other people in the midst of a change feel this way? I feel like a size 8 in my mind, but I am a size 14 in my body.

Today, I am taking it easy from the workouts. If it is even tolerably warm I am going to walk the dog for 15-20 minutes. I am cleaning the house and hauling boxes and laundry up and down 2 flights of stairs so that is my main workout today - it has to get done with Christmas approaching. There will be all manner of people here. I know when my house is fresh and clean I will feel better.

Keeping things pretty clean today.

M1: Clean toast with natural pb, apple
M2: leftover beef and broccoli stir fry, rice
M3: chicken and raw veggies
M4 hm trail mix
M5: hm pizza, natural dough, w/ veggies and chicken, spinach salad w. hm dressing

I'll get my PMS over with soon and my state of mind will be greatly improved. Next post will be happier, I promise!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Dec. 13th - EATS

Told ya I would be back to talk about the food. I missed a meal this morning, but I am quite certain I will carry forth....

M1: Egg white scramble with spinach, mushrooms, and onions, ciabbatta toast, natural peanut butter
went to church, came home and did a full body toning DVD
M2: Spinach salad, Greek style: Grilled chicken, spinach, tomatoes, onions, o/v dressing, hm tzatziki, 1/4 whole wheat natural pita
M3: HM trail mix
M4: Baked brown rice, steak, green beans, broccoli with honey garlic sauce (delish)

The brown rice recipe is from the food network and it is the easiest tastiest brown rice ever. I substitute homemade chicken stock for the water and add garlic powder, onion powder and Mrs.Dash.
I make a pot of this every weekend for use with meals during the week. It turns out fluffy and delicious and there is NO STIRRING! An hour of freedom!

I am one hurting unit after that workout today. I think that I might be too heavy to be doing lunges and squats. That's a pretty sad statement on my physical condition. However, gotta keep on going our I'll never be able to accomplish this stuff. And for the record....I WILL accomplish this stuff!

Off to do some research on my old creaking joints. Hope everyone has a great night!

Dec. 13, 2009 - feeling better

A treat is not a treat when it gives you a 24 hour food hangover.

Yesterday I felt somewhat better, although still anxious. I'm generally optimistic and I really wasn't feelin' that way at all, although I tried not to voice my thoughts. I took yesterday off working out too, and all day long I was so lethargic - you know how you feel when you take cold medicine - that was me yesterday. I am absolutely certain it had to do with my cheat meal - I have not felt this way since I started eating clean. I will be putting a lot of thought into it before I cheat again, even though all the other clean eaters I know are able to do it now and then.

I'm coming on the the end of my second week. I will weigh in tomorrow to get some numbers, but I wanted to list a few successes I have had:

1.) Mood is vastly improved
2.) Achy joints have subsided - in the mornings and late evening before I had trouble getting up and down my stairs, my joints were so stiff and painful
3.) Skin is clearing up quite nicely, even the roseacea seems calmer
4.) Improved energy level.
5.) Acid reflux is greatly improved - I have been able to cut waaaayyyy back on my meds

I haven't had a Diet Coke the entire time, and after the first day I wasn't even craving it. This is coming off a 1 1/2 to 2 litre a day habit (I sound like a druggie - hahaha - a diet coke head)

Here are the things that I have learned:

Planning is essential - I have learned from people wiser and more experienced than I how to make a bunch of food ahead of time so you always have something to eat. A couple of times a week, since my schedule allows it, I am making chicken breasts, prepping my fruits and veggies, slicing up my ciabbatta bread from the bakery and putting it in the freezer for toast. Next I want to add making fresh dough for pizza and calzones. (probably not til after Christmas).
But always be ready for your plans to go awry - Despite my best-thought-out menu plans, the day escapes from me frequently. So I also have things like apples and almonds, homemade trail mix, low fat cheese sticks, crackers and Kashi bars stashed in my workplace, my car and my kitchen. No matter what you plan to do, sometimes the school calls and you have to rush out the door right that second. It helps to have a backup plan. It may not be the perfectly planned out meal you had hoped for but it is way better than the vending machine or the drivethru.
Work out first - If I plan to work out later in the day it keeps getting shoved back for some other obligation. I am working out the second the door closes behind the kids on their way to school. I am dressed in my workout clothes, my sneakers are in the living room, and there is simply NO EXCUSE to miss it. For crying out loud, it's only 30 minutes!

People keep telling me I am obsessive and the CE is "taking over my life". I agree completely, and I think to be successful, at least until these things are all ingrained habits, I need to think about it constantly, to analyze it, assess it, and come up with ways to improve what I am doing. Obsessed people are successful people. I think about all the great inventors of the past - how they kept working away at something until they made it work the way they wanted it to. Now we look back and think they were great, single minded and purposeful. I want to look back at my change and feel the same way. Success is worth a little obsession and social weirdness to me.

I have to go hop in the shower. I am leading the Sunday School class in a beading project today. We are making "Nativity Bracelets" - the story of the birth of Jesus in beads, lol! Have a great day - I will post the eats later today!