Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Dec.16 - the Chaos of the Holidays.

I've made my plans to help with the chaos this time of year brings:

1.) Sleeping in my workout clothes and doing my DVD the second I get the kids out the door in the morning.
2.) Froze some single servings of clean food - soups, chicken breasts, etc
3.) Prepacked steamer bags full of veggies
4.) Making cookies I hate (coconut haystacks and mint chocolate truffles) There's no way I will be desperate enough for sweets to nibble on those!
5.) Planning outfits for the next week for DD9 and myself - that way special occasion items are pressed and ready and we don't have to scramble around looking for matching tights
6.) Bartered some stuff from my store for house-cleaning services

I figure minimizing the stress will minimize my urges to eat unClean foods. The more stuff I have done ahead of time, the more I can just relax and enjoy the season. I know if I let myself down on the eating plan I will feel awful, which will just lead to eating more of the stuff I shouldn't be.

I seem to be really slowing down on the weight loss. Why does PMS have to be a week long extravaganza? Why can't I just get it and get it over with? I am sure I'm retaining water cause I am fluffy looking today (more than usual). A lot of places had tightened up a bit that are now looking lumpy and bumpy again. I know the food has been okay, so I'm going to hang in there and stay off the scale until next Monday.

I keep reading Tosca's books for encouragement. If I am eating the right things the weight will come off. I must NOT let it get to me that I seem to be stuck this week. It is hard to get out of the mindset that I need to be really hungry to be losing weight. When the scale is stuck I just want to drink water for a week. According to the Eat-Clean principles, that's what got me in this situation in the first place, so I'm going to just follow the plan.

Sometimes I recall looking at people in the fitness industry that seemed to be constantly downing protein shakes and egg whites, thinking to myself that they were just out of control, they were really weird and taking things way too far. I've re-thought that perception.

Take Tosca Reno, for example. She truly knows what it means to be overweight and to make an enormous change through dedication and perseverance. In the past I got a clean-eating magazine and I thought, "That woman is going overboard - there is just no fun in the way she eats." But now I consider these things.

First of all, Tosca practices what she preaches. It is a lifestyle that takes effort but just a different kind of effort. Look at the results she has achieved. I would have loved to look at 20 the way she does at 50. It's very obvious by looking at Tosca, her plan WORKS.

Secondly, all the people whose physiques I admire have the same focus/obsession with nutrition and fitness. Clearly, this is what it takes to look like that! People have been telling us for years, we just don't want to make those changes that take us out of our comfort zones of fast food and channel surfing. No one tried to keep it a secret from the rest of us, we just didn't want to hear it.

Finally, as far as fun goes, what could be more fun than to be vibrant, healthy and energetic for the rest of your life?

I have a couple of parties to go to this weekend and I am just going to do my best to keep working the plan. I'll eat before I go, take a clean treat to share and realize that unhealthy food and fun are NOT the same thing.

I have a bit of a sinus infection. The medicine is killing my appetite. I'm trying to be balanced but I'm choking the food down today.

Today's eats:
m1: hm iced latte made with skim milk
M2: clean toast w/ natural pb, small apple
M3: hm trail mix w/ kashi crunch, raisins and nuts, banana
M4: the rest of the above meal
M5: hm veggie beef soup

Tonight is the Christmas concert. Can't wait to watch my little sweetie sing!

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