Friday, December 18, 2009

Dec. 18th - Tis the season to be crazy, falalalalaaaa

Wow! The store was incredibly busy yesterday. I hope and pray I can keep it up til the end of the year. Every time I start to worry, if I can just reign myself in, things turn around. It's like my diet. I know I am doing things right. Despite a lack of results, sometimes you just have to carry on with what you know is right.

Finally a breakthrough! I weighed this morning and I am down to 201! I am getting super close to my goal of being under 200 pounds by Christmas. I am so glad that it happened today. I have two parties this weekend and this will give me the momentum to get through them eating clean!!! Sometimes you just need that little boost, and this morning I got it. I am feeling much better today too - the cold/sinus-y thing is gone. That was miserable.

I learned from it though, that now after nearly 3 weeks of no chemicals in my system, I am extremely sensitive to things like cold medicine. I can only take half a dose without being in a coma for the day. Every day it seems I discover that I am wildly sensitive to one thing or another. Sometimes I shudder at the toxins I have been pouring into my body with great abandon.

Today's eating plan:

M1: 2 thin slices of ciabbatta toast, 1 tbs nat pb, banana
M2: Leftover turkey, cauliflower roast from last night, a few cashews (there was not a full serving of turkey so this is how I topped off the protein)
M3: Veggie beef soup
M4: Cantaloupe, NZ cheddar, kashi crackers
M5: Ground turkey tostadas w/ spinach, guacamole and salsa

I am expecting the workmen for the basement any second so I did a work out I know - 30 day Shred - again this morning. It has a lot of strength so I did it without the weights today since I did it with weights yesterday. I'm not sure if this was correct but I know you aren't supposed to do strength 2 days in a row. I'm happy though, because last month I would have just said did not have time to work out and I would have skipped it. DD9 watched and giggled, sharing her observations at my lack of grace. (Thanks honey). All in all, my day is looking charmed so far. Food is in the cooler and when the dudes get here I am off to run errands and make money!

Hope you all have a wonderful day. I will try to pop on later. I am figuring out my strategies today for the parties this coming weekend. I'll post as soon as I decide how to handle them.

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