Saturday, December 19, 2009

Dec. 19 - Lack of Preparation Strikes Again

Yesterday was a great day at the store. I was so busy I couldn't even eat my snack. So when it came time for dinner and nothing was prepped I ordered pizza. In my past life this would have seemed like the world's most normal solution. Now, this is and extreme reaction.

I made the best choices I could come up with from Pizza Hut. I got edge crust (very thin) with grilled chicken and veggies and I requested a lighter sprinkling of cheese than is the norm. It was really delicious. I know cheat meals are a welcome break in any eating plan. However, the night before a weekend full of social obligations, all revolving around food, was not the time to do this!

In a perfect world, I would have prepped my dinner before I left for work so all we had to do would be to microwave it. So I have to make today a little more perfect. There is no way I am going to tonight's food fest without eating a filling, healthy dinner.

A wise woman named Tracy made a recommendation about treats, which I followed. I wrapped up the rest of my pizza so I would not be tempted to nibble and froze it in small single servings for a later date. I definitely won't get the urge to nibble on a frozen mushroom!

Another note: I woke up this morning feeling sort of queasy. I don't know if it is from my white dough pizza or all that cheese but I tried to do stability ball work and had to quit before I barfed. So only 15 minutes of workout today also.

Last night the kids began the cookie baking extravaganza. I bought supplies for them to make Haystack cookies. I detest Haystack cookies because they are chock full of coconut, which I would only eat if I were on the verge of death by starvation. And then I'd think twice. They are also going to make mint chocolate truffles because I don't like mint chocolate. I'm not yet at the point where I feel I can trust myself around piles of cookies that I like.

So my plan for the day goes as follows:

M1: Skim milk latte, toast w/ nat pb, banana
M2: cantaloupe, pineapple and yogurt
M3: turkey patty, raw veggies
M4: trail mix
M5: Turkey tostadas w. guacamole

I have a steady stream of finger food planned for the store so I can slip in a quick bite between customers - I'm expecting today to be mega-busy! Thank goodness of the shot in the arm I am getting from the holidays!

Right after supper I am going to an open house. My good friend keeps gleefully posting all of the decadent treats she is making. My plan is to be completely full when I get there and try and go play games with the kids. I'm not going to stay long. (I really am not too crazy about parties). I will have one treat if it looks fabulous, but only the smallest little bit. If there are any healthy munchies like veggies I'll have some of those.

I can't think of anything I have missed in my plan. I wish I felt a little healthier so I could get in a full workout. Weather permitting, I'm probably going to walk to and from work today so at least that is something!

Wish me luck and great restraint!

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