Sunday, December 13, 2009

Dec. 13th - EATS

Told ya I would be back to talk about the food. I missed a meal this morning, but I am quite certain I will carry forth....

M1: Egg white scramble with spinach, mushrooms, and onions, ciabbatta toast, natural peanut butter
went to church, came home and did a full body toning DVD
M2: Spinach salad, Greek style: Grilled chicken, spinach, tomatoes, onions, o/v dressing, hm tzatziki, 1/4 whole wheat natural pita
M3: HM trail mix
M4: Baked brown rice, steak, green beans, broccoli with honey garlic sauce (delish)

The brown rice recipe is from the food network and it is the easiest tastiest brown rice ever. I substitute homemade chicken stock for the water and add garlic powder, onion powder and Mrs.Dash.
I make a pot of this every weekend for use with meals during the week. It turns out fluffy and delicious and there is NO STIRRING! An hour of freedom!

I am one hurting unit after that workout today. I think that I might be too heavy to be doing lunges and squats. That's a pretty sad statement on my physical condition. However, gotta keep on going our I'll never be able to accomplish this stuff. And for the record....I WILL accomplish this stuff!

Off to do some research on my old creaking joints. Hope everyone has a great night!

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