Thursday, December 17, 2009

Dec. 17th

Ahhhhh.... I can breathe today and my head doesn't hurt. I feel much better than yesterday.

This morning I scooted the kids out the door and had my morning date with Jillian (Michaels - 30 Day Shred). All was going well but then as I was gracefully leaping through my jumping jacks like the gazelle that I am there was a rhythmic, loud crashing noise coming from the basement. I jumping-jacked my way to a different spot and the noise went away.

How dreadfully embarrassing. Headlines ran through my brain."Large Woman Exercising Collapses Floor in Local Century Home" I imagined the crane the hot firemen would require to remove me from the rubble of my family room. But did I quit!?! NO!!! I just kept on jumping jacking, consequences be damned! Jillian said no pausing, your only doing this for thirty minutes, so NO PAUSING FOR ME! Whoop - whoop!!!

Thankfully, I sent DD14 down after school while I jumped upstairs, hoping valiantly not to crash through the floor on her. Apparently my family room, where I currently work it, is located right over the large duct from the furnace. The vibrations were making it move. Whew. My floor is safe for now!

Today has been good, although I think my calories and protein intake were on the low side.

M1: 1 Buckwheat pancake, maple syrup, and hm turkey sausage
M2: 1.5 pcs. ciabbatta toast, 1 tbs nat pb, 1/2 banana
M3: Spinach salad, zucchini, grilled chicken
M4: Banana
M5: Oven roasted turkey breast with garlic, cauliflower, carrots, and mushrooms.

Roasted cauliflower is divine. It caramelizes and is just delicious. The other point of interest is the bananas. Why, you ask, is she eating so many bananas? Is there some kind of magic vitamin in bananas? Nope, they were about to go bad.

Have a great day!

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