Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Aug. 17: Random Bloggishness

Above is the lunch I packed for work yesterday.  Clockwise from left, broccoli/cauliflower salad w/ diced chicken breast, Kashi cereal and raisins, yogurt with protein powder, strawberries and blueberries.  I always take enough food that I have at least a small snack for every break, otherwise I tend to hit the evil vending machines.

Today, I'm without a specific topic.  I'm just randomly writing.

Money issues continue to haunt me.  Yesterday brought with it a surprise cheque - a tax rebate.  Unfortunately it also brought a shut-off notice for the gas bill that politely requests 3 times the amount of that cheque.  It seems like there is a financial drama on nearly a daily basis.  The whole thing is really getting old.  It's not because I spend money frivolously.  It's simply because I don't make enough to pay my bills, and I got way way behind when I was unemployed. 

I've discovered that under-employment is just as bad as unemployment.  It's a little more money, but I have to spend more money too: gas for the car, childcare - it just isn't working out in a way that allows me to break even.  I'm looking for another job - I apply for jobs every single day.  I'm trying to sell the house, which will get rid of a huge expense and a lot of debt.  It's hard just waiting for these things to pan out.

I'm going to continue the workout trend today.  After breakfast, I'm taking the dog for a long ramble through the woods for some cardio and stress relief.  I'm determined not to let stress get the better of my exercise program this time.  I'm pleasantly sore and achy from my workout yesterday, so I know that I challenged myself sufficiently.

I don't want people to read this post and feel sorry for me.  I don't want you thinking, "Poor Daisy.  She can't ever catch a break."  I want you to read this post and think to yourself, "If Daisy can deal with all of this stuff going on in her life, and she can still exercise and eat properly, then I can do it too."

Remember, you have two options.

#1.  You can be broke and unhealthy, eating Cheetos while you bemoan your financial woes.  Then perhaps you could step out for a Blizzard, because why does it really matter what you do?  You're broke, you have a crappy job and ice cream isn't going to change your financial situation, one way or the other.


#2.  You can be broke and healthy.  You can make a yummy broccoli salad while you look helplessly through your bills.  You can still walk the dog while you are pondering the answer to getting yourself out of debt.  While your food and exercise choices won't affect your financial situation, at least you will feel better, look better, and have the energy to fight your way through another day.

When you are in a bad personal situation, whether it is your financial stability, your relationship, or problems at work, you may be strapped for choices.  There may seem like there is no way out.  But you always have one choice: the way you treat yourself

Please choose the option to take care of yourself and be healthy. 


  1. Daisy, i love you for posting this.

    You attitude inspires me. I'm in a very similar situation to yourself, single mom, work full time , dealing with debt from a shitty marriage...but hey, all that helped me become 255lbs, via the example you mentioned in #1. I'm now at WW and i refuse to be that person anymore.

    Thank you for updating. I am inspired to kick major ass today :)


  2. So true! Basically, we need to replace our coping skills with healthy choices instead of medicating ourselves with unhealthy foods! Nicely stated!!


  3. Hi ladies! Welcome! It's so much easier to dive headfirst into the ice cream, but I feel so much more success and confidence when I don't!

    Lesley ~ Things will get better - divorce really sucks but one day, I promise, you will look back on your escape with great relief!