Saturday, July 10, 2010

July 10: The RFL Sweet Spot

Thankfully, I've hit the point at which RFL is "easy".  By easy I don't mean that I never want something carbolicious, but the cravings are easily bearable and I just automatically eat what I eat.  Food itself loses it's importance and turns to fuel.  I eat because I'm hungry, not because something will taste good.  I select the good because it will meet my protein and veggie requirements, not based on the whim of, "hmmm, what sounds good right now?"

Thus far I am down 4 pounds in 5 days - great start!

I forgot to provide my beginning stats:

Weight: 172
Chest: 41
Waist: 31
Hips: 38.5

This was my starting point.  I'll post updated stats on Monday.

I made a big decision regarding the financial stress I whined wrote about on my last post.

I'm selling my house.

It won't pay off every dime of the financial pit I have sunk into but it will certainly take off a lot of the pressure.  It will reduce my monthly living expenses by nearly $900 a month, allowing me to actually live within my means. (relief!)

It's funny how things happen.  I made that decision, and the very next day, things started going my way.

* I got an unexpected check in the mail instead of a bill
* I got a call telling me about some unexpected money coming my way (only $17 but better than owing $17)
* I got a raise at work - not a lot but it works out to an extra $120 a month

In my personal philosophy, those things are God's stamp of approval on my decision.

The next week will be frantically busy as I scrub and declutter, getting my home ready for a *quick* sale and negotiating with those to whom I owe money. 

Of course the next questions everyone asks are these:  Where are you moving? What are you going to do next?

My answer to both is, "I don't know."  My hope is that this decision will open me up to opportunities that being tied to one place won't allow.  At 41, I really want meaningful employment.  I want to feel positive and creative at the end of the day.  I want to feel like I made a contribution through my work.  I want to have the time and peace to enjoy my kids.  I am open to whatever the universe brings my way.  I know, when the time comes, the right opportunity will present itself.  If nothing exciting is in the works, then I will just move here in town and keep my daughter in the same school and relish the freedom of not spending more than I make.

For now, though, I'm dreaming of a better future.

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  1. Wow! Congrats on your decision. I am so glad that you got that affirmation that it was the right thing for you!!