Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Dec. 23 - STRESS

Because I have been so aware of my foods and I have been writing in this journal every day, I am really seeing the link between food and stress for me. This is something I have to conquer if I am ever to have a true healthy way of life, for the rest of my life. The New Year is going to be dedicated to resolving this issue.

Here are my current stressors:
2.) The loss of my Dad
3.) Rocky relationship with my Mom
4.) I have a teenager (need I say more?)
5.) My ex lets the kids down

Rationally, I am aware eating crap because of these things does no make me feel better anymore, even for a moment. Because I am aware of what I am doing even while I am doing it, I am not getting one second of respite from the stress by stuffing my face.

I got up early and went to Walmart to finish up shopping. Mission accomplished!!!! Hooray! While the kids are at Dad's tonight I will finish wrapping. I am also going to prep our Christmas day food.

Today's eats:

M1: Skim milk latte, ww toast w/ nat pb (eaten while shopping at Walmart this morning)
M2: 1 % yogurt, blackberries, Kashi crunch cereal
M3: Grilled chicken w/ a skim of not clean BBQ sauce (contains sugar), 1/2 ww bun, carrots
M4: Banana, nuts
M5: Turkey tostada, guacamole

I'm feeling good about today and business is booming with pre-Christmas sales.

Have a great day everyone!

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