Thursday, December 24, 2009

Dec. 24 - Holiday Guilt and Perfectionism

Well, it all boils down to ONE BIG DAY. The weeks (and for some, months) of prep are over and tomorrow, it's showtime.

As I read my friend's journals, it makes me realize just how much stress we are all under during this time of year. And most of it, we bring on ourselves by expecting perfection. I have been preaching this sermon to everyone who will listen. (And some of those that just slow down enough for me to talk really fast!)

Are you stressed because one of the dishes you made did not turn out well? No one will really remember it with all the other fabulous food that is there (unless it is particularly notable like the time I read the recipe wrong and put an entire CUP of cinnamon in my apple pie - yup we talk about that one still - it's hilarious!).

Are you stressed because you feel like you did not buy gifts that were nice enough or plentiful enough for your kids? Money is tight for a lot of us this year, and they are kids getting gifts. They are going to be happy. Kids are easy!

Are you stressed because your in-laws and assorted relatives are crazy? Remember, one day these people won't be around. . Even if they are just plain out there, we gave birth - we can get through anything for one day, even our relatives.

Are you stressed because your MIL or mom is overly critical? In her misguided way, perhaps she is trying to help. Remember, she used to be the one in charge of the big wing-ding. Letting go of that may be hard.

Are you stressed because you fell off the wagon of your eating plan? Christmas is one day in a very long year. The other days of the year, when you follow your plan and eat clean are the days that matter. Don't feel guilty for enjoying some treats you would not normally eat. Give yourself a little break and get back on the horse tomorrow.

There are a million reasons to be stressed and mostly they boil down to guilt. Well, guess what? We aren't perfect and never will be. We must learn to laugh about the mistakes and move on, embracing them in the circle of our memories. Guilt is a huge saboteur in my own journey of clean eating. When I feel guilty or bad about something I reach for the nearest crappy food and stuff my face. One way to circumvent that is to simply refuse to feel guilty!

Please remember: This year extend your kindness, love and charity to yourselves.


  1. You are so smart and insightful! I love reading your blog and the journals. Have a wonderful Christmas.

  2. Thank you so much Brenda. Merry Christmas to you too! Make this the best one ever!