Saturday, December 4, 2010

Dec. 4: The Plan

Ahhhhh....I love Saturdays, especially when I get to hang with my girlies in my PJs until noon.  Is there anything better than a lazy morning, slowly sipping coffee for hours and just hanging out with the people you love?  This morning, my friend's boy came over and hung out with us.  He is a little darling, so polite!  It was fun having a little one in the house again (he's 4).  We decorated Christmas ornaments and had lunch with him and his Mommy in my cute little kitchen.

I then did some shopping for our family that we have adopted through work this Christmas.  Since I work with guys, I mostly got money instead of gifts for the family.  Hey, I can always shop, especially when all the money does not come out of my bank account!

I've made a plan.  It isn't earth-shattering or anything.  I'm simply going to do what works - and I know it works from successfully doing it before.

I'm going to weigh, measure and count. Simple and idiot-proof. I just have to do it.

My kitchen scale is out on the counter with new batteries in it.  My measuring implements are washed and ready in a bowl.  Tomorrow I will map out my meal plan, cook and pack my lunches, all nicely measured out.

I've also determined a couple of other things.  *'s comment in my post "Have You Ever Felt Beautiful?" really got me to thinking about my self-esteem.  Instead of shooting for a body like the models in Oxygen, I'm going to be inspired by people like Christina Hendricks.  I'm going to put real effort into my appearance now, instead of waiting to be skinny before I do something to my hair besides scraping it back in a bun.  I deserve to feel beautiful whatever my weight, and I intend to put forth real effort to do so.

I'm going to try really hard not to sweat the actual pounds.  I've always liked myself voluptuous, but felt pressured to be thinner.  I remember a day in my late 20s.  I wore this clingy navy blue dress and men flirted with my all day long.  I was about 170 pounds at the time.  When I met my ex-husband for dinner, he criticized what I was wearing and told me that someone my size should not be wearing something fitted like that.  Of course, despite the 10 people that thought I looked great, the one that mattered caused my self-esteem to come crashing down.

I guess the lesson I (we) can learn from that, is that we can't please everyone.  The first person to please is ourselves, and then the rest, the really important people will follow.  In the immortal words of Dr. Seuss, "Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter, and those who matter don't mind."

Another picture of Christina for inspiration:

Who inspires you and makes you feel like you can be beautiful?


  1. I totally understand what you mean! I normally just wear whatever I have and get semi-ready. Yet one night I had this banquet I had to go to so I actually went shopping and bought a pair of black pants, and a nice top that fit me well right now and I felt really good when I went out that night.

    Good job on the meal planning! Tomorrow is going to be my day for that.

  2. Other bloggers inspire me! People who have posted their 'before' pictures and their after pictures. That inspires me, to know ordinary people following the same plan as i do can get there.

    It's funny you should mention 'feeling beautiful'. For the first time last night since i started my weight loss journey i felt small and amazingly gorgeous. I was wearing anew dress, which took me 5 WEEKS to find one that fitted me, but i found it, bought it, and felt amazing in it!

    I have always been one to wait until i am a size smaller to buy new things, meaning for 5 years i've been living in leggings and jumpers.

    Let's feel beautiful RIGHT NOW, just for us


  3. I love that realization that curvy can be beautiful. I have always wanted to look like one of those 50's pinup models.

  4. I'm so glad to read that you're making self-love a priority :)
    That clingy dress sounds hot!