Monday, December 13, 2010

Dec. 13: Is It Over Yet?

I should have realized my day was not going to go well when my food scale didn't work this morning.  There's always a sign.

Of course, I ignored the omen and cheerfully eyeballed my food and chucked it into the lunch pail.

It was freezing here in the southernmost part of Ontario this morning - well below freezing, with an awful windchill factor.  I forgot to warm up my car ahead of times, and my doors were frozen shut.  I had to pour hot water over the drive side door to get into my car and then, shivering and damp, had to scrape all the windows to remove the sheet of ice that was under the snow.

Brrrrr....... I'm not a winter fan, but I do love my adopted country.

At work, Monday-itis seemed to strike most of our customers, leaving them annoyed and irritable.  The appointment schedule was vastly overbooked, only fueling the flame of impatient and unhappy customers.  Imagine my delight.

When I heated up my lunch, the chicken smelled funky - really funky - and I was afraid to eat it.  Instead I indulged in 2 cookies and a cinnamon roll That was definitely helpful to my goals today.


In the interest of self-accountability, here are the numbers for today:

Calories: 1950
Carbs: 231
Fat: 78
Protein: 99

The cookies were so good.  I am not as remorseful as I should be.

The weigh-in this morning seemed off - I will try it again tomorrow and see if it is similar and post then.  I don't think I could've gained 3 pounds over the past week, considering that the calories were pretty well under control.

Sometimes a girl just needs a whole lot of water and a good poop before a weigh in.

And that is my quote of the day!!!  I hope your Mondays all went well.  Tuesday has gotta be better!


  1. I'm with you on the good poop!! Ahahaha!! Nothing like feeling lighter within a minute or two.

    My digital scale (not food) Just said "L" when I stepped on it. I'm going to get a new battery hoping the "L" doesn't stand for Loser. :)

  2. Oh and just wanted to let you know that I named you for an award on my latest post :)