Saturday, December 11, 2010

Dec. 11: Sunny Saturday

Well, the funds are exhausted.  We have had a whirlwind weekend of shopping.  The nice thing about this is that we are shopping for others.  My girls and I are participating in a work project where we have adopted a family.  We have had the most fun ever shopping for this family we don't know and hoping that they are happy on Christmas morning.  It has been more satisfying than any holiday shopping I have ever done.

We also did a big grocery stock-up that has me looking forward to every meal of the week!  I got some great deals on meat this week and have wonderful things brewing for the menu!

Saturday: Roasted chicken, whole grain bread and green beans
Sunday: Upside-down nachos
Monday: Chicken cacciatore, whole wheat pasta
Tuesday: Leftover Buffet
Wednesday: Grilled chicken pizza
Thursday: Vegetable beef soup
Friday: Grilled chicken Caesar salad

How good does that stuff sound?  I can't wait to eat it all!

Leftover Buffet, if not previously defined, is how I get rid of leftovers in our house.  All the leftovers go on the kitchen counter and we grab a plate and dish out a bit of this and a bit of that.  Then we take turns using the microwave to nuke it and enjoy our favorites.  The kids seem to find leftovers much more palatable when served this way and it makes for a super-easy evening.

Right now, the grilled chicken roasting in the kitchen is so tantalizing that I just want to grab a hot drumstick out of the oven!

During this holiday season please remember how blessed you are to have the delicious food you are eating (or trying to resist eating.)  Remember our less fortunate brothers and sisters, not only at the Christmas season, but throughout the year.

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