Saturday, October 30, 2010

Oct. 30: Fresh Start

This morning I got up and I looked at my disorganized messy apartment.  I felt full of energy this morning so I began to scrub and tidy.  Within the hour, the living room and kitchen were tidy, fresh and clean.

I started to think how this can be a symbol of your life.  If everything is a disaster and you have to hunt through your kitchen to find the can opener, are you as likely to cook a nice healthy meal from scratch or are you going to call for Chinese take out because you can't find the stove?

Hopefully the organized kitchen will encourage me to make the healthy meals that I used to always have on hand.  My kitchen scale is at the ready, waiting to weigh my healthy portions of protein servings. My pots and pans are neatly put away and I know where everything is.  I have loads of counter space for prepping fruits and veggies, instead of having to shove things over to make room for this task.

I have a hopeful energy about myself on this new day.  I feel a very fresh start coming on.  I feel in control of this outrageous eating that I have been indulging in.

I've really undone a lot of my hard work.  My weight is up to 178.  Later today I am going to weigh and measure and have a definite starting point.  I'm not waiting for tomorrow for my life to happen.

Cheers to you all and have a happy Halloween weekend!

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  1. I definitely don't want to cook when my apartment is a mess. I get excited about a clean kitchen!