Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Oct. 13: Limited Success

You know, I'm a glass half full kind of girl, so I am going to call today a success, if a limited one.

I finally fixed my food scale (okay, I replaced the battery, but saying "fixed" sounds much more efficient and capable) so my calories are very accurate today. 

They are too high for weight loss.

Today's eats"

m1: ww English muffin, natural pb, skim milk

m2: yogurt, 1/2 a nectarine, granola and protein powder
m3: salad with turkey breast, homemade Mexican dressing and 30g of Doritos
m4: broccoli pizza
1,882 calories
204 carbs
65 fat
125 protein

It's the carbs, of course, that are pushing my numbers up so high.  I've got to cut them back.  I have to plan my days better too.  If I were eating a less "carby" dinner, I'd be right in line with where I need to be.

My plan is to cut calories and eat on the higher end of the deficit.  After the lengthy diet break I've been on, I should be able to lose on more calories than before. (The optimist in me speaks again!)

After supper is just killing me.  I want to sit here and munch in front of the TV with every fiber of my being.  Of course, if I want to do that I need to save up some of my calories. Tonight I'm going to try a flavored hot tea and see if that satisfies a little bit.

The rest of the week is full of stumbling blocks.  Tomorrow has a breakfast meeting with absolutely NO healthy choices although I've requested them.  My daughter has a doctor's appointment and wants to go for lunch afterwards.  I intend to make good choices then as well, to the best of my ability.  For supper tomorrow night, I'm going to make a stir fry with veggies and chicken and no rice or noodles.  Friday, my mom will be arriving for a one week visit.  With her also arrives bags of chips, cookies and candy, as well as convenience foods like macaroni and cheese and other nutrional minefields.  The weekend will be the tough part, since all the meals will be family style.  The work week will be far easier to navigate since I will be eating the first three meals at the office.

I need to ponder and come up with a road map through this.  If I was still in my "excuses" phase, this would be a dandy reason to blow off my diet for the next week.  But I could do that every week of the year and still have excuses left over. 

There is always going to be something that makes dieting difficult.  Getting around those difficulties is the difference between being a yo yo dieter and a success story.


  1. I love that last line- so inspirational

    Good luck for your week


  2. If you want something with your stir fry you can take cauliflower and grate it and then just fry it in a pan. Make cauli-rice. Good luck this week.