Sunday, October 24, 2010

Food prep for the week of Oct. 24th

I've returned from my trip to the grocery store, and eats are still relatively on track for today.

Tomorrow I am going to make crockpot beef bbq - R can have hers on bread but mine will just be a hunk of yummy protein on a plate.

Today's prep:

Chicken breasts
Huge garden salad
Veggie tray with baby carrots, broccoli and cherry tomatoes
Mexican ground chicken
"Refried" beans
Sweet potato soup
Chicken broth made from a rotisserie chicken

This week's menu:

Sunday: Greek salad with chicken breast
Monday: BBQ beef, sweet potato oven fries
Tuesday: BBQ beef "pizza" on a whole wheat pita, topped with mushroom, onion and red pepper
Wednesday: Broccoli and chicken stir fry
Thursday: Grilled ham and cheese on artisan apple bread, sweet potato soup
Friday: Chicken soft tacos, refried beans

As always, lunch is leftovers.  I have a small breakfast before work in the morning, nearly always the same thing: whole wheat toast with natural pb, and skim milk.  I have yogurt, fruit and granola around 10 am.  I'm filling in the munching time with microwave popcorn.  I have to curb the constant eating but this week, my concentration is on eating real food again.

Wish me luck and determination!

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