Monday, September 6, 2010

Sept. 6: Labor Day Randomness

It has been one day since my last confession.

I ate potato chips and dip.


Well, I seem to have trouble having a completely guilt-free day.  On the bright side, my diet must be changing somewhat, because the chips and dip I had for dinner made me so sick!  I couldn't eat anything else for the rest of the day. 

I did well until the chips and dip incident. 

Yesterday's Eats:
m1: ezekial toast with natural pb, skim milk
m2: fat free yogurt w/ protein powder, fresh peach, and granola
m3: chicken breast and oven fries
m4: Kashi Honey Puff cereal
m5: chips and chipotle dip

Unfortunately I can also chalk up the chips and dip incident to my state of mind.  My ex wanted to take the girls to a party.  After his temper tantrum last month, and his refusal to let me spend time with them during "his" month, I really wanted to say no.  However, I gritted my teeth and did what I thought was best for the girls and let them go to the party.  He picked them up and I immediately walked to the corner store and bought diet coke and chips.


I guess this habit did not create itself in a day, so it may take more than a day to get rid of it again.

This feels like.....a relapse.

I'm going to keep documenting my food, prepping in advance and wiping out the "reasons" and "excuses" one by one, just like I did before.

I've really enjoyed the long weekend.  I got to spend lots of time with my girls and we've found an apartment to move into.  It's tiny but very cute and only 3 blocks from work.  It's also only a block from R's new school.  It's a relief to know where we are going to be - it helps also  because now I know what I need to get rid of!

Today's plan is some cleaning, to get the house showing ready again, and some downsizing.  I need to divide my belongings into "keep" "store" and "sell".  I'm also going to do the food prep that was neglected yesterday.

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  1. Relapses are bound to happen and it's okay so long as you get back on track and you're doing that :) As you start recognizing your triggers, you will figure out how to best handle them, but whatever you do, don't beat yourself up over 'em.

    Sounds like your new place is cute! You should post pics - I love small apartments - cozy :)

    By the way, I have another award for you that I'm about ready to post on my blog; please come by and pick it up.

    Hope you ave a great week!