Sunday, September 5, 2010

Sept. 5: It Could Have Been Worse

Well, as promised, I am documenting my food intake, whether it's good, bad or ugly.  Yesterday ended up halfway between bad and ugly because I got caught out unprepared. 

My little one and I went apartment hunting yesterday.  We were running late for our first appointment, so we did not get a chance to eat lunch before we left.  We hit a drive thru and got a small snack to keep us from dying.  I selected a "McMini" grilled chicken sandwich and a bottle of water.  280 calories.  Okay, not so bad. 

We looked at 4 apartments.  We found our lucky winner, which was really exciting.  It's 3 blocks from my work and a block and a half from R's school, and in a nice family neighborhood.

At my daughter's request, we stopped to make an appointment for a haircut.  She was able to get in within a half an hour, so we got another "snack".  We shared a pretzel - my half : 185 calories.

The haircut took longer than expected.  By this time it was after 6.  We were absolutely ravenous.  I was shaking I was so hungry.  I hit the "don't really care" stage - you all know that stage, where you are so hungry that your diet means nothing.  Yeah, that stage.  Back to McDonald's, because it was the closest. 

So, my final tally for the day:

1,788 calories
186 carbs
76 fat
89 protein

You'd think with all of those calories I would have gotten a decent influx of protein.  Nope.

At least the caloric damage was not too awful.  Unfortunately, the only veggie I got all day was the wilted lettuce and tomato on my burger.

I feel good about tracking this, despite the unfortunate choices made.

Today is another day.  We have no place we have to be today - only church.  So there is no excuse for bad food today!


  1. Way to go on tracking :)

    I find that tracking is key to my weight loss, plus it's a healthy habit to have, something which I plan to continue even after I reach my ultimate goal. I used to hate tracking, but I find that it helps me with 2 things; 1) staying on track; and 2) getting back on track when I have setbacks.

  2. Great job on getting back to tracking and that is FANTASTIC about your new place! So close to work and school, you're very lucky. Glad everything is turning around. I knew it would!