Wednesday, July 7, 2010

July 6: The Gum That Saved My Life

Why is Day 2 of RFL so difficult?  Holy cow, I'm a cranky one!  I had to resist the urge to gnaw on doorframes today.  I was getting so antsy at work this afternoon that I couldn't sit still.  Finally the person next to me offered me a piece of gum.

That woman is a saint, destined to glide straight through the pearly gates.  Admittedly, a piece of Hubba Bubba (sugar and all) is not really on plan, put it was truly the best piece of gum I ever had.  I didn't just chew that gum, my friends.  I savored it.  I felt as thought I was a hummingbird sipping nectar from a flower.  I think I may have actually heard harps playing somewhere as I tasted the flavor of that gum.

It's not like I didn't eat.  I packed my bag with my omelet for first break, and chicken and green beans for lunch, my iced coffee and my Diet Coke. 

Anyhow, I survived Day 2 and lived to tell you about it.

Lesson for the Day?  Never underestimate the power of gum, or a friendly co-worker!

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