Monday, June 7, 2010

June 7: Re-Entry

CBC News reports, "Daisy has survived re-entry." 

After 6 long months of unemployment, my re-entry into the workplace, with all of it's temptations, was successful today.

Unlike a rocket returning to Earth, who only has to re-enter the atmosphere once amidst flame and turbulence, I'm in for this crazy ride 5 days a week for the foreseeable future. 

The place revolves around free food, vending machine food, and fast food in the immediate vicinity.  Every other week, they have "cake day" to celebrate the birthdays of the employees in that time span.  On the alternating weeks, they have BBQs with hot dogs, chips and soda pop.  People were bringing in subs, pizza and treats from Tim Horton's at lunch time.  Like kids in the lunchroom, bites and samples of other's lunches were offered.  And not to be forgotten are the shift parties that can be earned by good performance - pizza and wings for everyone!

It was actually overwhelming to be in the presence of that much food so easily at hand.  It made me doubt the willpower that I've had.  Maybe I don't have that much willpower  but sequestering myself at home while dieting has made it seem that way.  At the second break of the day, I had so such a strong urge to shove money in the vending machine and buy a bag of chips that I actually left the breakroom and went back to the training room to stick my nose in a book.  I felt shaky and nervous when I sat down from the strength of that urge.

This was a scary experience. It makes me fear a little bit for the future of my RFL plan.  This is the most strict diet I've ever done, and doing it in this atmosphere is intense.

Hopefully, each day that I stick with it, I'll find it a little bit easier. I'm going to tweak the food I take tomorrow for maximum satisfaction.  Tonight, I'm craving carbs wickedly, so I'm going to try and slay the carb beast with a root beer protein float.

Stay tuned for Day 2!

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  1. Oh my gosh that place sounds like such a danger zone!! You can do it though :) it will be difficult but I'm sure you can!