Saturday, June 12, 2010

June 12: One Month on RFL

Today marks one month on RFL.

This is the toughest diet I have ever been, bar none.

This is the best results I have ever had, bar none.

At my starting point, on May 12th, I embarked on this journey with my fingers crossed that SOMETHING would finally work.

Here is the breakdown/
5/12 weight 185           6/12 weight 170  -15 pounds
5/12 bust 41"                 6/12 bust 41"     no change
5/12 waist 32"              6/12 waist 30"    -2 inches
5/12 hips  40               6/12 hips  38.5    - 1.5 inches
5/12 BF  30%             6/12 BF  25.9%  - 4.1%

So, I am totally celebrating this plan.  Fifteen pounds in a month!!!!!

progress pics ( These are so hard to post on the net!!!)

Before, at 185, and after, today at 170.



Side (ugh.)

Absolute honesty?  I really can't tell that much of a difference on the front and side shots.  I do see a slight improvement from the back, as my butt doesn't look as "cheesy" and dimply.

However, I am VERY happy with the numbers!

I'll post again later today and get caught up.


  1. Wow!!! Look at you!!! Awesome!!!
    You're doing wonderfully!

  2. I see a definite difference!

  3. How can you NOT see a difference??? Amazing, truly amazing. You are doing so great!

  4. Thank you all so much! I really appreciate the positive feedback!


  5. There's definitely a big difference :) you look great!