Monday, May 31, 2010

May 31: Very Quick Weigh-In

Hi ~  I just wanted to update before I forgot the new numbers, or even worse, lost the piece of paper I wrote them on. 

Today is nearly the end of Week 3 of RFL.  I didn't want to weigh in tomorrow because the refeed will throw things off.

Start: May 12                May 31

Weight: 185                  173

Bust: 41                        41
Waist: 32                      31.5
Hips: 40                        39.5

I'm kind of surprised my measurements didn't drop a  bit more with 12 pounds, but at least they dropped.

This past week was strange for weigh loss - on the 25th I dropped 4 pounds overnight and then only one pound since then.

Have to run - I will be back with more later!

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  1. Hi Daisy-
    You are doing so great on your weight loss. You have so much determination and will power, you often amaze me. I read your blog often but rarely comment. I guess that's cuz I talk to you on the forums. You are doing wonderful things for yourself, but you are also teaching Rachel how to eat right. Keep up the good work. I am proud of you!!!!