Saturday, May 22, 2010

May 22: RFL Day 11 Check-In

If you've been hanging in there for this entire little project, you may recall I began the  Rapid Fat Loss   plan in order to look a little better at my daughter's baptism, which is tomorrow.  So today, I did measurements, a weigh in and a before and after picture.

Unfortunately I just started my period, which had the world's longest build-up.  I'm positive it has skewed some of the results, like the weight and the waist measurement.  Here they are, for better or for worse.

Before                    After

185                 178     -7

5'8"                I didn't grow.

41                  41

32                  33      +1

40                  38      -2 

The "before" picture is on the left.
So the results were great in a lot of ways. Who in the world loses 7 pounds in 11 days, especially when they have already been dieting. Also, I generally gain 3-4 pounds with my period, so I am very interested to see what happens when that is over.

I also became accustomed to the lower calorie and carb plan and I don't have issues with hunger any more.  Because everything is outlined for you, and it's very limited, the only room for error is measuring your food incorrectly or simply not following the instructions.

The cons: For a lot of people, a diet so restrictive would be very difficult.  If others in your house have tempting foods around, especially during the first few days, it would take incredible willpower to adhere to it. Constipation can be an issue. Fish oil, one of the recommended supplements, is gross and has an aftertaste, even the capsules.  It also makes you burp in a rather unladylike fashion.

None of the cons are sufficient to discourage me from this plan.  I want to lose weight badly enough that I don't care about the restrictions.  As long as it's not going to make me sick, I'll do what I need to do.  I'm also striving to be creative with the allowed ingredients.  I do the grocery shopping, so the stuff I buy for the kids for snacks or goodies are things that they like but I don't.  For constipation, I take an over-the-counter remedy.  Fish oil, well, yeah, it's nasty, but it isn't going to kill me.

So the million dollar question:  Am I going to stay on the plan now that I've met my self-imposed deadline?


I still have 13 pounds to go  before arriving at my initial goal of 165.  At that point, I will see how I look, what size I wear, and whether or not I'm happy with the results, and go from there.  I plan to stay on RFL for 4 more weeks, at which point, wherever I am in weight, I'll take a diet break, as recommended in the book, and do some self-assessment.

If any of you have questions, I will attempt to answer them as well as possible, or at the very least, direct you to a link that contains the answer.  I said I wouldn't actually review the book until I have done the full plan, including maintenance, and I'm sticking to that.  But currently, I'm extremely impressed with the results I'm having, so, in a limited way, as far as I haven't completed the whole plan, I do recommend this book.

You can find more information about the plan, and whether or not it might be for you here.
Today's food:

For breakfast, I managed to choke down egg whites without the cheese. I filled the omelet with steamed broccoli and liberally used salt and pepper.  I wanted to keep my fat low because I was really craving beef today.

Lunch was less than exciting, just the last of the BBQ chicken I had made.
When you are really busy, the repetition doesn't matter as much, and we finished our Spring Cleaning today.  I didn't have the coleslaw with it today, but I forgot to take a picture, so pretend you can't see the coleslaw.

For supper I indulged my beef craving with a small serving of extra lean beef topped with mushrooms.  My daughter mooched nearly all of my cucumbers.

The serving of beef had to be fairly small because of the fat content.  That, of course, means my protein float had to be fairly large to get in all of the protein needed for the day.  I made it from diet root beer tonight.

Tomorrow is my first refeed, so I'll tell you all about it.  And what better day to have a refeed than the day of a party.  I may actually dream about DQ ice cream cake tonight!

Monday I'll post some low-carb recipes.

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