Sunday, May 23, 2010

May 23: Day 12 and a Refeed

What is a refeed, you may be asking.  A refeed is a certain period of time in which you must consume a certain number of carbohydrates.  That magic number is calculated by using your lean body mass.  The length of time is dependant on your bodyfat percentage.  For me, today I had to consume 177 grams of carbs in five hours. However, you are to limit yourself to 50 grams of fat or less, and you also have to remember to consume your allotted amount of lean protein for the day.

Sound easy?

Not really!  Especially when you are used to existing on very low calories and and nearly non-existent carbohydrates.

We had a party at our house today for my youngest daughter's baptism.  This definitely gave me a lot of options for the refeed carbs.  See?

This is what I ate during my 5 hours of carb-driven indulgence:

At the party
1  pc of DQ ice cream cake
1 honey garlic meatball
 3 baby carrots
2 oz grilled flank steak
2 oz grilled chicken
 1 tbsp spinach dip
2 cubes pumpernickel bread
1 tsp creamy dill dip
2 Ritz and 2 Triscuit crackers
2 cubes of cheese
small scoop of Caesar salad

After the party
2 pcs Ezekiel toast
1 tbsp natural peanut butter
2 lattes with milk and sugar


6.7 oz chicken breast
1/2 piece of ice cream cake

and finally, right before the bell, I topped off my carbs with
1 tbsp of honey

If I moved, I think I would waddle.  Oh my gosh.  Wow.  That is a LOT of food.

Surprisingly, all of that, and I'm still under maintenance calories for the day, finishing up at 1740 calories.
I went over the recommended fat grams by 4 grams (yeah, I know, the ice cream cake).

Are you wondering how I kept track of all of this?  I'm going to sound obsessive.  I tucked a little notebook and pencil in the drawer of the bathroom so I could keep track of how much I was eating.  Since everything was bite sized it was easy to weigh some of the meat after everyone left so I could be precise.

I have the hiccups now.  I feel like a drunk that has over imbibed.  My poor tummy is very bloated.  Thank goodness it waited to bloat until everyone left.  And not everyone is lucky enough to have a refeed during their period.  PMS heaven.

Oh - if you're interested, I had a small omelet for breakfast with no cheese - I didn't want to use up any of my fat grams on breakfast!

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  1. Oh gosh girl.. now I know why you said in your email you feel.. bleechh.... It all sounded so good but I have to be honest... the Ezekiel toast and PB sounded the best HAHA... even above the DQ cake.. I'm weird I know.. but it might be because I had icecream today.. I'm so glad you all had a good day.. Take care and rest now.. I'm curious to see how you feel tomorrow after your refeed..