Thursday, May 20, 2010

May 20: RFL Day 9

Today was an experimental food day.  I had two hits and a very big miss.  It'll happen from time to time, I'm sure, even to Martha Stewart. 

I have a rant, but before my rant I want to share a little milestone:

I'M IN THE 170s NOW!!!

There is just something about dropping into another "decade" of weight that gives me a little rush.  It makes you feel like you are getting so much closer to your goal.  And let's not forget that I've been trying to get into the 170s since February.  Every month, I chased that elusive number, and finally I've caught it.

Warning:  Reader Discretion is strongly advised.  Profane language may offend sensitive readers.  The following content contains cranky attitude and bad words, but unfortunately, no adult situations are included.

Now for my rant, along the lines of "people suck".  This diet is not exactly "normal."  Because of how extreme it is, it's hard for people not to notice that I am eating in a particular way.  I don't even try to explain - I just say I'm cutting carbs for a little while and try to change the subject.  Some stubborn folks aren't willing to let it go however.   I am very very very tired of hearing the following comments, delivered singly by some and as a verbal collage by others.

1.)  You know, as soon as you start eating (***fill in the carbohydrate-loaded food the person is currently consuming***) again, all that weight will come right back.

2.)  Are you anorexic?

3.) When I want to lose weight I just push back from the table a little bit.

4.) Wouldn't you rather (***fill in the exercise***) so that you can eat anything you want?

5.)  I know a woman who followed a diet like that, lost a lot of weight, and then (***provide dire details of catastrophe that befell the unfortunate woman***).

6.) It's not healthy to be so obsessed with what you eat!

I have an entire plethora of sarcastic responses that I am too polite to voice to the naysayers.  But, just to get it off my chest, I'd like to share them here.

1.)   "Shut the f*** up and eat your donut."

2.)  *clutches stomach in convulsive uncontrollable laughter.  "Can you SEE?  I'm 179 pounds?  Do I LOOK anorexic to you?"

3.)  It's not very original, but "Bite me, b*tch" comes to mind.

4.) " takes more than a half hour of relaxed recumbent cycling to get rid of the load of fat I'm currently trying to dislodge.  Thanks for the great suggestion though.":

5.)  "Hmmmm.....well at least she died/ lost all four of her limbs/was abducted by aliens after she reached her goal weight."

6.)  "It's a lot more healthy than weighing over 200 pounds, jacka**."

In case you can't tell, I'm still PMSing, and perhaps will be  indefinitely, and I'm rather cranky.  Why do people think it's acceptable to make comments like this, if it's unacceptable for me to respond with whatever profanity pops into my head?  What if I clean it up and take out the swear words? No? 

Anyhow, moving on.....................................

Today's breakfast was NOT the breakfast of champions.  It was really difficult to choke down.  Egg whites with salsa and chili powder stirred in are really not good.  Not good at all.  This experiment was NOT a keeper.

Lunch was much better, thankfully.  I broiled a piece of chicken until it was deliciously browned.......I'd show you how beautifully it turned out but I was so hungry that I forgot to take a picture.

Dinner was an RFL masterpiece.  I concocted a BBQ sauce and simmered chicken breasts in it all afternoon to create a version of pulled chicken.  I topped the chicken with jalapeno relish and mixed up a quick easy coleslaw as a side dish.

I have lots of leftovers for tomorrow.  I'm nearly done with the Spring Cleaning, thank goodness.  I hope to take the afternoon to sit on the porch swing and just read a book. (fingers crossed!)


  1. Hey Girl.. I read your rant.. and I can relate.. I'm only getting a few people who are asking me WHY I'm doing this and WHY I'm going about it like this... Funny thing is.. it's not anyone in my family.. they understand my PCOS and how hard it is to lose.. keep going.. your doing awesome.. in the 170's.. I'm jealous...

  2. OMG! ROFL! You crack me up! That's AWESOME! Preach it, Sister! I have so very much wanted to say those same things!
    And.... CONGRATS!!! 170's!!!! Woooohoooo!!!!!!!!!!!