Monday, May 17, 2010

May 17: RFL Day 6

Chickens fear me.

If ever there was a book about serial killers of poultry, the first chapter - no - not just one chapter - the first half of the book - would be dedicated to me.

I even wreak carnage on the little help chicken eggs.

No fowl can stop me.

I am the Chicken Slayer.

As of yet, I'm not sick of chicken.  I've never really liked eggs, so those I will cheerfully leave behind when my RFL journey is complete.  But I will still eat chicken.

Remember my carbelicious free meal yesterday?

Well, later last night I experienced TEF.  The Thermogenic Effect of Food.  What that means, is that I was sweating like a pig  - I mean, perspiring in a most unladylike fashion.  I was beginning to think I had suddenly and immediately hit menopause at 41, but I asked a question on the RFL forum, and the sweating is a sign of TEF or in other words, burning calories like crazy.

So yippee for that.

When I got up this morning I honestly expected the scale to be up a few pounds - it warns you of that in the book.  I put on my bravest face, stepped on the scale, and was pleased to see my weight remained exactly where it had been the previous day.  This rocks.

I had been pretty concerned that it would be hard to get back on the plan after having some carbs.  I had some twinges of cravings last night - I was very hungry when I went to bed.  This morning I eyed my daughter's toast and cereal rather yearningly.  But it was nothing uncontrollable.  After I had my egg whites, I was fine.

This morning I returned to putting a sprinkle of cheese on my omelet and it was far tastier. I had a broccoli and cheese omelet this morning, nice and fluffy.

Lunch was on the run - I ate a half a peeled cucumber and some leftover Mexican chicken.

For supper I really mixed things up.  I had broiled chicken instead of Mexican chicken.  I also had a nice heaping serving of broccoli to round out the plate.

My daughter and I took a walk to two different corner stores to locate some diet root beer for a protein float.  It's so nice to have that bit of sweetness to end the day.  It really makes me feel as though I have nothing to crave.  I've been looking for some diet Orange Crush because I thing that protein float would be yummy - sort of like a Creamsicle.

I'm going to write a second RFL post tonight, with some tips to make it easier should any of you decide to try this diet out.

If you decide to try out the RFL plan please comment and let me know what you think of it.

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  1. I'm not a big rootbeer person but the orange float does sound good.. I was wondering how you make these.. I'm going to go check the recipes on Lyle's site and see if you posted it.. if not can you let me know.. Thanks..