Monday, May 17, 2010

May 17: A Few RFL Tips

~  If you are a mom like me, making completely different meals for yourself and your family is probably not something you want to do.  It won't work for every meal, but for dinner, at least, I try to make something we can all enjoy and then just add a carby side dish for the other members of the family.  Tonight, we all had broiled chicken and steamed broccoli, but the kids had a baked potato and some ice cream for dessert.

~  Try to plan your free meals in a way that you can enjoy them with your family.  Make that the night you go out to dinner or make homemade pizza.

~  Make as much food ahead of time as possible.  Like any other diet, preparations is the key.  If you constantly have veggies prepped and ready to be steamed in the microwave, and there is always a cooked chicken breast or a carton of egg whites lurking in your fridge, you will never have to go through drive-thru in desperation.

~  Be creative with your food.  Make it taste good and this will go far easier. Make diet-friendly versions of familiar foods.

~ Avoid tempting situations when possible.  Obviously, you can't cloister yourself, but this diet is tough to stick to.  Don't accompany the family to a Chinese buffet and figure you are going to be happy with a chicken breast and some broccoli.  The sights and smells will do you in, if you're anything like me, anyway.

~  Get treats for your kids that you don't like.  For example, the only ice cream I don't like is mint chocolate and a particular brand of strawberry cheesecake ice cream.  Guess what is lurking in my freezer?  It sure isn't cookie dough ice cream!  I don't let my kids have chips or sweets very often, but on the occasion (like a sleepover) that they get to have that stuff in the house, those choices are also things I don't like - like the puffy cheesies instead of the crunchy ones.

I've lost almost as much in 6 days on this plan as I have since January 30.

So far, I'm very happy with it.  Before recommending it hands down, I want to finish the plan and go into the maintenance plan, but so far, I'd say it is definitely worth the money.


  1. You're doing great. I've read the book (I've read all his books, actually) and have never had the need to do the PSMF. The closest I've come is carb cycling with three no carb days in which I lived on egg whites, tuna, fish oils, nuts, and green veggies. Similar to your plan, but I got more fats.

    Glad its working so well for you! I found appetite completely blunted while on my no carb was the medium days that were rough, actually.

    Keep on going. After your maintenance break, will you do it again?

  2. I don't have much of an appetite either. It took about three days to get to that point. Initially I wasn't sure if I would do it again, but now, definitely. It isn't as tough as I thought it would be. I am Cat3 on the cusp of Cat2 so I can go a little longer before I have to take a break. It's a good feeling to get out of this plateau!

  3. Daisy your doing awesome... You have me rereading my book and planning another go with it.. I think.. This time I know what to look for with my potty issues HAHA.. It did work and seeing the scale move was very motivational.. I even purchased the EC stack to see if it will make me less hungry..