Saturday, May 15, 2010

May 15: Day 4

I.                        AM.        CRANKY.

I am feeling viciously crabby today, I gotta warn you.

Luckily, no one is home to endure my ire.  I took most of it out on my unsuspecting lawnmower, as I cut the grass that can be seen from the street.  Another small portion of rage was given to the television for having nothing on that I wanted to watch.  If no one actually calls and talks to me today, the world should all survive.

Generally I am bitchy, but not this bitchy.  The reason for this?  I did not take anything for the cramps, because I read that can delay the onset of the big event, the starting of your period.  I really just want to get it over with, particularly before the goal of next weekend.

Anyhow, back to the important stuff of the day: how is the diet going?

Very well, despite the fact I'm not really seeing it on the scale.  I chalk that up to the onset of my monthly PMS bloating and general ickiness.  On the bright side, as several wise friends pointed out, I am usually up three or four pounds by now, so I'm fairly happy to be remaining the same-ish.

Today, I am actually not really hungry.  It's the first day I have not ravenously scarfed down all that was on my list of foods to eat today. I actually left some veggies out of dinner because I have to get one more protein serving in and I want to be able to do so.

Horror of all horrors, I got up this morning and was out of egg whites! I started off the day on the wrong foot by having to go to the grocery store hungry and un-caffeinated.  Once I was there, I found a brand of egg whites that had 0g carbs - the ones I've been eating had 2 g.  I got enough to last 6 days.  Each little carton is one breakfast serving for me.  I was in a mushroom mood, and since I discovered I don't have to limit my veggies like I had been I made a delicious omelet brimming with mushrooms and a sprinkle of cheddar.

For lunch I made another batch of chicken chop suey.  Not because it's so good, although it is, but because bean sprouts go bad very quickly.

After lunch I took the dog for a walk and then did the much-despised yard work.

For supper I had a treat - something besides CHICKEN!
I had  a 95% lean patty of ground beef, seasoned with Montreal Steak spice and some extra cracked pepper.  I added some sliced mushrooms and a little bit of onion.  If felt positively decadent to eat something besides chicken for supper.

For an evening snack I planned an experiment.  A diet root beer protein float.. It's insanely rich tasting and dessert like and only 2 g of carbs.  It has absolutely made my day complete.
Out of all of my Rapid Fat Loss  plan creations thus far, this is my masterpiece!

Tomorrow, I have even more cleaning, laundry etc.  It just never ends, since we keep on living, eating and wearing clothing.

I was thinking today, as much as I complain about cleaning and yard work, etc., I am really blessed and fortunate to have all that I do.  I love my kids, my little home and  my orange car.  My life is very full of the things that are important to me.  Some people would probably look at our humble lifestyle and feel sorry for us, but we never go without anything we need, and quite often, also have the things that we want as well.  If you have gratitude for what you have, you don't seem to miss the things you don't have.

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