Friday, May 14, 2010

May 14: Day 3

Today I found out a wonderful thing.  I discovered I am able to eat more veggies than I have been eating.  That means that hunger is a thing of the past - well sort of.  If I don't have to be quite as miserly with the veggies I think I will feel a lot more energetic.

I had no headaches today and wasn't fuzzy headed anymore.  I wouldn't exactly say I was a bundle of energy but I wasn't ready to collapse on the couch either.

Here is the scary part: I have cramps.  I didn't think too much about having my period ,and all the cravings that go with it, on this plan.  Other people live through it, so I'm sure I will too.  Maybe I can time a free meal with the advent.

Today's food intake went well.  I cooked some chicken breast this morning, weighed it on the scale and portioned it out into single servings.  In those single serving containers, I also put the veggies that were planned with that meal.  The kids are away at Dad's this weekend, so it will be far easier to stick to things with only myself to prepare food for.  I'll have to go to the store tomorrow to get stuff for my free meal, veggies, and egg whites. I'm running out quickly!

Breakfast, as always, was an omelet.  The flavor of the day was mushroom and garlic, with a tiny sprinkle of cheddar.

I had some leftover chicken chop suey - just as good this time around - I will make more tomorrow. 

In the afternoon I was on the go, so I snacked on cold chicken breast and sliced cucumber. (No photo - you all know what those two things look like!)

Supper was great.  I had chicken (big shock) and steamed asparagus, seasoned with lemon juice, garlic, and cracked black pepper.  It was sort of like a pasta dish without the pasta. (I'm a glass half full kind of girl!)

I ate a whole cucumber for a snack throughout the day - it was wonderful!

Some of you may remember the Mother's Day project that the girls and I did.  I wanted to show the before and after results of that.

Plans for the weekend are to stay on track with the diet, and to get the laundry and the spring cleaning done!

I hope everyone has a great weekend!

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  1. The chicken chop suey looks yummy... I think your doing great.. I'm glad the headaches have stopped.. keep up the good work..