Sunday, April 25, 2010

April 25: Getting organized

I spent a great deal of time getting myself organized this weekend.  Last week was a wash as far as exercise was concerned.  It is a habit that is unfortunately very easy to get out of for me.  So, I spent the weekend trying to get things organized so I will have more time during the week.

I did the grocery shopping and some food prep.  Today I baked a pot of brown rice and a turkey breast for some good left overs.  I prepped veggies in their steamer bags and washed fruit and put it in single servings in baggies for lunch boxes.  I have a lean roast to cook in the crock pot on Tuesday to give us even more leftovers.  I'll cook that with baby carrots and new fingerling potatoes.  I made a nice batch of trail mix for lunches and snacks too.

Next I organized closets.  I packed away winter clothes and pulled out summer and spring clothes.  I chose outfits for my daughter and put them together to help with getting ready in the morning, and I organized my vanity area too.My daughter has a broken arm, so outfits have to be pull on - no buttons and zippers on the pants.

Finally I cleaned.  My house got SO messy last week when I was working full time.  I don't know how people do it all the time. It isn't perfect but it's way better and I feel good about all that I accomplished.

I completed some jewelry orders and booked a jewelry party for Friday night.  The last party was awesome - paid for groceries for a month!!!

I only have four days left on my diet break.  Imagine my surprise when I hopped on the scale today and found I had lost a pound!  I was shocked!  It feels so EVIL to be eating ice cream on a daily basis to get my calories up.  I will be very glad when the diet break is over, which probably puts me in the minority.  I really feel better when my eats are under strict control.

Now I'm settling in for an evening of watching movies or reading - I haven't decided which one.  I hope everyone had a peaceful, happy weekend.

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