Saturday, April 24, 2010

April 24: My Poor Neglected Blog

Wow - this is the longest blogging hiatus I have taken.  It was totally unplanned.  Here is what I've been up to:

As many of you know, I've been virtually unemployed for nine long months.  My old employer called and asked me to fill in for a week and a half while they were short staffed.  I have one more day of work (Monday).  It will be some nice additional money that is much-needed.  With the depression issues I've had, going out and working full time is a big accomplishment.  I feel like this has been a big step towards recovery.

I'm still plugging away at the diet break.  I just have a few more days of it before I can go back to my comfortable eating habits.  I've discovered I am far more comfortable dieting than just eating what I want.  Weird, I know.  Although I have enjoyed eating ice cream!

My 9 year old daughter broke her wrist by, of all things, serving a volleyball in gym class.  She is now sporting a hot pink cast.

My best friend gave birth to her beautiful new daughter, Noa. Here is a picture of this sweet little baby:

So needless to say, after work we have gone straight to the hospital to visit this precious little bundle - oh, and of course, my friend and her hubby too!

I think I could BRAID her hair it's so long and thick!

So today's agenda is to try to make some sense of the chaos that is my house.  I'm making a big list because it thrills me in some silly way to check things off of a list.  Lots and lots to do.

I've discovered that I need to be far more organized in order to have healthy eats on hand and get at lest SOME exercise in when I'm working.    Tomorrow I'm going to do lots of food prep to have my yummy food on hand.

I'll be back with more posts this weekend.  Sorry for neglecting you!

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