Tuesday, April 20, 2010

April 20: Still Diet Breaking and Other Miscellany of Life

I really really really prefer dieting.  I like structure and rules and all that kind of stuff.  I cannot wrap my brain around the fact that I am purposely consuming more calories than I want.  I know this is the right way to go, but, boy it's tough!

Yesterday I finally hit my target of 2200 calories but I felt nasty because I ate junk all day.  Blech.

Today has been nice healthy food -  I did get some cool ideas about adding a teaspoon of molasses or honey here and there, just to help things add up, so I will do a better job hitting my targets.  Other high cal, low volume foods: eggs, cottage cheese (ick to both) nut butters - super yummy, and of course, my fave - ice cream!

I just feel better when I keep things on the healthy side.

I missed a lot of Zzzzzzzs last night.  My youngest daughter (9) sprained her wrist and was in a lot of pain, despite the splint and the Ibuprofen. Poor little cupcake was up a few times in the night crying.  Then I woke up with the startings of a cold - mild scratchy throat, stuffy head, yucky feeling.  Blech.  I took some cold medicine which certainly doesn't stimulate my appetite any.

I've been doing some temp work the past week and a half, and I'm finding it tough to get a walk in - I get home just wiped out mentally.  This is something I'm going to have to work on.  I've been unemployed throughout this diet so I've had all the time in the world to do what I needed to for my health and fitness.  This weekend, I am going to spend some time planning things more carefully so the eats and workouts are well on track in the future.  I refuse to go back to being the fat chick that whines "I don't have tiiiiimmmmmeee to do all that....."  I have summarily executed that fat chick and she is not being resurrected, darn it!

I was off work today because I had a doctor's appointment and an appointment with the priest for Rachel's upcoming baptism.    The doctor's appointment was great.  My doctor is very happy with the way the new meds are working . Yay!!!  Finally the magic cocktail for my own personal brand of anxiety and depression!  All of my blood work was great - clean living rocks!  The appointment with the priest went nicely too - he is very nice and thrilled to do the baptism.

So that's all I got today, folks - nothing too exciting, just strange complaints about being forced to eat. ???

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