Sunday, April 18, 2010

April 18: Diet Break, Day 3

I would have never ever imagined how hard it could be to eat more calories.  Since I started this journey at well over 200 pounds, you would think eating would come easily for me.

Two days ago, I embarked on my Full Diet Break, as per my fave new book, Guide to Flexible Dieting.  According to the book, I should be eating at or near maintenance, which for my height and current weight means 2000-2200 calories.  So far, I've managed about 1700 calories each day.

I guess when you spend 5 months completely overhauling your lifestyle and eating habits, it becomes ingrained to choose the lower calorie options.  It becomes second nature to get lots of your intake in fruits and veggies instead of calorie-laden grains.  I am happy that I've learned my lessons so well, but it sure does make a diet break difficult.

I bought ice cream today for the first time since I started my diet.  I'm going to have dessert after supper to increase my calories. I got one with nice natural pronounceable ingredients so I don't have to feel like I am poisoning myself.  I fully intend to get my calories to the amount I am supposed to so that my body has a break from this deficit.  I need the proper hormones to kick in so that I can get through this plateau that is making me positively insane. (Short trip to insane, some might note.)

The weather is horrid - perfectly miserable and cold.  I haven't gotten out to walk with the doggie for several days now.  I'm going to try to brave the cold, if only briefly, this afternoon - I need to move myself before I grow roots.

Happy Sunday!

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