Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Mar. 31: Don't Let Your Results Slip A-Weigh

My new prized possession is my kitchen scale  Mine's not a cool retro one like the one pictured here (how cool is that?)  It's a simple digital scale that I bought at Wal-Mart for $20.  So far, it's been an eye-opening investment.

As I've mentioned on here before, I've had a couple of months of a weight loss stall.  Okay, I didn't just mention it.  I whined, moped and ranted about it.  "Mention" just sounds nicer.

One wise lady on a forum that I journal on recommended several times that I begin to weigh everything.  She pointed out that if my measurement on a highly condensed caloric goodie like peanut butter is off, it could throw off my day by 100 calories.  Then if I guess at the size of my apple, add another 50 calories.  You get the idea.

So over the weekend I wandered around Wal-Mart forever looking for a food scale.  I finally found one hidden on the bottom shelf underneath the Foreman grills.  I brought home my shiny scale and I've been weighing everything that goes in my mouth, aside from the odd fingernail.

Imagine my surprise when I discovered I've been off on pretty much everything.  She was right (but don't tell her I said so.)  However, what I discovered is that I've been undereating, especially with regard to protein sources.  I was off on fruit, guessing lower than the actual calories, and off on veggies, guessing higher than the actual serving sizes.  Like I said, off on everything.  Irritating but true.

So here is how I do it.  I put my plate on the scale and then turn it down, so it sets to "0" and doesn't weigh the plate.  Also be aware that grams are more accurate than ounces, because of the smaller increments.  Then I load the food on, one item at a time.  After I jot down the weight of an item, I hit the button that says "Tare" to reset the scale to "0" again so I can get an accurate weight on the next food item. 

I learned a couple of silly things too.  For example, with the peel, today's banana was 177 grams.  Naked, it was 120 grams.  57 grams of peel!!!  I have photographic evidence of this, just in case you were in doubt.  Apples, to be weighed accurately, need to have the core removed.  You could make yourself crazy with this but it's also kind of fun.

So, my big tip of the day?  If you are calorie counting (and if you are dieting, you should be) buy a scale.  You'll be much more accurate and your weight loss plan will thank you!

And a little shout-out: Thanks, Morgan, for the excellent advice.  We can always count on your kindness and experience. (((hugs)))


  1. YOU ROCK MY SOCKS!! thanks babe! You are doing so well! Nice update!

  2. You are so welcome! Thank YOU!!!

  3. i've thought about gettin a scale too, i'm a bit of an infor junkie and just like that sort of thing. thanks for the info.

  4. Sumofood~ You won't regret it!!! I use my new scale constantly and feel that it will make a big difference in my weight loss plan.

    Thanks for stopping by! =)