Thursday, March 11, 2010

Mar. 11: Workout Plan

When all else fails, improvise!!!

I've created a couple of new exercise for my workouts! I don't have weights or a membership right now, so I am using my dogs big 25 pound container to do "Dog food Squats" and "Dog Food Lunges". Of course, at some point she is going to get hungry and want me to open that food, so I am on the lookout for my 30 pound item to upgrade to at that time.

Here is what I'm doing for strength training right now (and I'm SORE!!!)

Planks: 2 x 30 sec
Girlie Push-ups: 2 x 20
Crunches w/ legs up: 50
Dog Food Squats: 2 x20
Dog Food Lunges: 2 x15 per side

For cardio I'm walking until my cool new shoes arrive - I can't WAIT!!! I really need tunes and I am going to have to get SOMEONE to load my MP3 since I appear to be not quite smart enough to do it. Music really keeps me going, and stuff with an edge makes me go harder and faster. I know it will help with the running too.

Eats are looking good this week. My goal for the week is to get protein to no less than 100g per day. It's harder than it sounds! Yesterday I managed to get 103g, so I'm deeming it a success!

Any recommendations for the workouts? I don't have the upper body strength for pull ups yet - but anything else that you think might assist me to my goal of buff hotness? I'm all ears!!!

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