Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Mar. 10: Peer Pressure

Okay tell me the truth! Do you think I'm really weird and food obsessed? Do you have the urge to feed me nachos? Do you find my proclivity for making "healthy junk" to be odd? And what about my obsession with chemical food additives?

Well, if you find this normal, you're in the right place. Peer pressure is just crazy. I went out with the girls recently and a couple of them actually seemed huffy when I was not interested in the fried appetizer plate and just got grilled chicken and steamed veggies (which was delicious BTW). Sometimes I think when you have particularly good eating habits it makes others feel guilty about their own dietary "transgressions." Then they become like the crack dealers of the French fry world, urging you to try "just one" so they don't feel guilty.

I'm learning (somewhat slowly) that most people don't actually want to know the origin of the nasty chemicals lurking in their foods. I'm trying to stop being the Jehovah's Witness of the Clean Lifestyle, and just do my own thing. If people ask, though, look out!

Working out, I'm sure will be the next thing that causes people to think I have a disorder. While I am partially unemployed, I've decided to take the bull by the horns and kick my workouts up about 100 notches. How many people really have the time and inclination to work out for 3 hours a day? Not too many but I am determined to become fit and active. Not in an obsessive way, but in a way that I can fit every single possible fitness experience into my repertoire. I want to run, I want to bike, I want to lift heavy and I want to rock climb. I want to try all sorts of classes and learn a martial art. I want to hike and swim. And don't forget rowing! I have the time, all I need is the money and the opportunity!

I think life is going to be easier when I find some friends that are interested in fitness and nutrition. I love my friends and cherish the time spent with them, but I know some of them are beginning to find my choice of conversational topics rather boring. It's time to broaden my circle to include others with the same goals (and hopefully some who have already reached those goals for new inspiration!)

As for obsession, sometimes I think the way to make a lasting change is to be somewhat obsessed, especially when embarking on a path that leads the absolute opposite direction from where you were before. If I forget my goals, it will be a lot easier to orally vacuum up a plateful of cookies. If I lose sight of the big picture, how will I pry my butt off the couch if the weather is less than stellar? I believe I prefer the word "focus" instead of "obsession".

So that's what I'll say from now on - I'm FOCUSED!!!

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  1. Your not obsessed your determined. Your crazy but that's besides the point and crazy is good because crazy people have more creative ways of doing things. Just look at the people with the tinfoil hats, who else would have figured out that tinfoil keeps out the aliens and the voices. ;)