Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Feb. 2: Inspiration and the Road Less Traveled

What is your inspiration to become a happier, healthier you? What is that thing that keeps you plugging away, even when you would really rather pull the covers over your head?

I have a couple of inspirations. First is the fact that I want to repair the example I have set for my daughters. I have taught them by example that bingeing on ice cream and potato chips is the way to deal with your problems. This is by far my biggest regret in life - the one thing I would give my soul to do over. Since I can't have a do-over, I am hoping to teach them now by my example that when life sticks a foot out to trip you, you go over it, under it, or around it. You don't stop and say, "Well, I can't get past that foot - do we have any Oreos?" Against the odds, I intend to be the happiest, healthiest version of myself ever by the end of 2010.

Second is my late father. I want him to look down and smile at the healthy fit daughter he raised, not shake his head in sorrow that my grief over the loss of him sent me spiralling out of control.

I'm taking such a different route - maybe this is my mid-life crisis. Right now I am unemployed, overweight, and flat broke. My oldest daughter is so unhappy with the changes that have occurred in our house she is temporarily staying with her dad. But I know I have to focus past all this. I spend time every day picturing the buff 41 year old published writer I intend to be at the end of the year. I'm taking a roundabout way of getting there, but get there I will.

And in changing my future, I hope to change the future of my children, and to get a big smile from heaven.

What inspires you to make the changes you are making? What prompts you to take the next step on your journey, no matter how much you might want to stop and take a little break?

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