Monday, December 7, 2009

Dec. 7 - first slip up

Well, yesterday I had the BEST plans, but you know what they say about that - the best laid plans of mice and men, blaa, blaa, blaa.

It started when we got out of church late and went straight to the mall instead of home to eat lunch first. I grabbed an apple off a food cart but there was no clean protein to go with it. When we had lunch, I got a greek salad with grilled chicken and tszatziki instead of dressing and turned down that spectacular butter dipped fresh grilled pita. (My DD9 was absolutely astonished she said "Mommy, that's BREAD - this is taking over your LIFE!!!) I don't think she meant it as a compliment but in a way it is, since I am embracing CE as a lifestyle, not a diet.

My afternoon snack was not much better than the morning one. I had a Kashi bar stashed in my purse. It warded off starvation, but again, no protein. I made a delicious stir fry for dinner with green beans and sirloin steak. I had it with brown rice. At this point I was feeling pretty smug. However an hour and a half later I was ravenous and I finished off the stir fry. All in all between M5 and M6 I probably ate a half pound of steak!

The lesson in all this? DON'T SKIP PROTEIN SERVINGS!!!! I'm convinced that is why I was so hungry last night and NOT for something light.

I felt better this morning when I stripped down and weighed in with no weight gained or lost. I'll take it!

So the tally for week one of the CE Lifestyle?

I lost 5 pounds, dropped my BMI by .3, and feel a whole lot better. I am happier and more focused, stress seems to not affect me quite like it was, and my kids are getting on board.

My goals for week two?

1.) Stick with the eating plan
2.) Start exercising a minimum of 30 minutes a day

I started the exercise program this morning. I found a Cardio Bootcamp Workout on TV and managed to stagger and flail through the entire half hour. (Note to self: CLOSE CURTAINS BEFORE DOING CARDIO!) At one point, while I was doing abs, my dog seemed concerned for me and added her 22 pounds of resistance to my chest during crunches, also cheerfully sharing her doggy breath. I think she thought there was something wrong with me, grunting and groaning on the floor.

Anyhow, success. Once I am able to move, I will pry myself off the couch, do some housework and prep some food.

One step better today than I was yesterday!


  1. Hey Karen,
    I follow the Eat-Clean Diet as well and have been quite successful for the past 6 months. Just wanted to let you know that we all have our slip ups and yours is a pretty small one on the grand scheme of them. Good luck with everything! You can do and become the best you ever! :)

  2. Thanks for the kind words, Angela! It's a great plan and I love hearing from others that are on it too!