Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The 3 Wise Men jumped in headfirst too!

A couple thousand years ago, three guys saw a really bright star. For some reason they felt compelled to follow that star. So they hopped on their camels, traveled all over the place and arrived at the birthplace of Jesus. I would imagine when they told friends and family, "Hey, you see that star over there? We're gonna follow it - it just seems like the thing to do!" that the friends and family members asked them if they had completely lost their minds. Wouldn't you bet that people thought they were crazy? And now we call them The Three Wise Men.

Over the years, if I have learned one thing, it is how to be led. It is how to listen to that little voice that makes suggestions in your mind. Some call it the Voice of God, some call it the subconscious and others call it The Universe. Whatever you call it, don't be afraid to listen to it actively, no matter what other people say. People may think you are impulsive (I get that a lot) and when things all work out in the end, they will say you are just lucky. I prefer to feel that I have been blessed with a gift for listening.

I'm applying this philosophy to my new healthy lifestyle. I know things have got to change, so I am trying to be as receptive as possible and just plunge off the cliff headfirst. Yet again, people think I'm nuts, and when I am super fit in 6 months they'll think I'm lucky. But I will just smile to myself like I always do, and be happy I jumped in like I have!

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