Tuesday, April 19, 2011

April 19th: One of These Days is Not Like the Others

Today was a little good, a little bad.

I got totally off-track but I figured out why.

If I don't take a lunch I'm happy about, I simply won't eat it.  I didn't have a very good breakfast and I was very short on protein today. 

I ended up eating way too much junk today and ended up with 2159 calories.  Less than stellar.

My goal for tomorrow is to up the protein - A LOT!

I need to start off by having protein at breakfast - I am going to boil some eggs.  I also need to plan my eats the day ahead so that I stay in my realm of calories.  (I'm shooting for anywhere between 1200-1600 in a day.)

Today I had:

~ humongous muffin, glass of skim milk
~ yogurt (ff)
~ bean burrito and nacho chips
~ bag of microwave popcorn
~ mini bag of Crispers
~ baby carrots
~ leftover eggplant parmesan on whole wheat bread, a handful of chips

I'd really like some ice cream, but I'll do without it for this evening.  Did I mention that my freezer holds a delectable creation called Drumstick Ice Cream.  Little bits of chocolate dipped cone...vanilla.....oops....*shakes head to get rid of the image*

Tonight I'm going to boil a big pot of eggs for a quickie breakfast that I can eat at my desk, and I'm going to add more fruit to my days.

Here's to a learning experience and a successful tomorrow!

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