Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Jan. 18: Another Day in Paradise...

And yet another day on the veggie wagon - woohoo! 

I really hope this helps the weight loss battle.  I am feeling better digestively today, thank goodness!  My gosh - that was pretty rough.

Today's Eats:

~ WW English muffin, natural pb ~
~ FF yogurt, protein powder, blueberries, granola ~
~ baked veggie rotini w/ spinach and mushrooms, tomato sauce ~
~ quiche w/ spinach, cheddar and mushrooms ~

No soda pop and no excess sugar today!  I'm especially pleased with that because two people brought in donuts and one brought in cookies.  All I had was one donut hole and felt perfectly content with that.  BIG CHANGE!  Being broke and having no money for junk food helps, but I realized by eating vegetarian, it rules out a lot of things - trips through McDonald's drive thru for example.  Unless I feel like french fries are a reasonable lunch, there just aren't too many "eat-in-the-car" options.

I'm staying off the scale for a week - not easy since I tend to be a daily weigher-inner!

Happy Tuesday - one day closer to the weekend~

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