Monday, January 17, 2011

Jan. 17: Day 2 in Veggieworld

A successful day 2 today!!! Even with the company buying dinner I stuck to a plan - hooray!

I've had so much trouble getting on the wagon of any kind of food plan that I'm thrilled to get through day 2.  I know, 2 days isn't long to stick with something but for the way things have been going for me lately, it is a cause worthy of celebration!

Today's Eats:

~ whole wheat English muffin w/ natural pb, skim milk
~ fat free yogurt w/ protein powder, blueberries, granola
~ egg salad sandwich on whole wheat, baked potato chips
~ eggplant Parmesan (no pasta), half a roll

When I look at this, I see that I need to up the actual fruits and veggies.  My original lunch was a veggie pasta dish but when I learned dinner was Italian food, I wasn't dying for it twice in one day.

My tummy is rebelling a little bit, however.  I spent a bit more time, ahem, (tmi alert) in the bathroom than usual today.  I hope this part goes away soon - or perhaps it is my key to weight loss success!

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