Wednesday, November 3, 2010

November 4: Motivation, at Last

Of course I had to hit a solid 10 pound weight gain from my goal weight to actually find my motivation, but Daisy's got her groove back today.

Here is what I did not eat today:

~ the donuts a co-worker brought in to share
~ the gigantic Tootsie Roll a friend gave me
~ the caramel-filled, chocolate-covered ball of yumminess a customer brought me
~ nary one sip of Diet Coke crossed my lips today!

And somehow, after weeks of shoveling in everything I could find to eat, I didn't especially want any of this stuff.


It makes me wonder if the soda pop is the culprit.  I had all those months (8 of them) where I really didn't have craving issues, and drank no Diet Coke.  It will be interesting to track!

Today's eats:

4 graham crackers with peanut butter
fat free yogurt with protein powder and granola
ground chicken with veggies and 20 grams of tortilla chips crumbled on top
stir fry with chicken breast, broccoli and mushrooms
2 more graham crackers cause they are yummy~

This tallies up to

1649 calories
150 g carbs
60 g fat
140 g protein

I'm really really really happy with this.  It is the most control I have felt in a while.

Dear Motivation,

I've really missed you while you have been away.  Things aren't the same without you, that's for sure.  Things that would not be the least bit enticing when I have you in my life are nearly addictive in their power to suck me in.  It's like peer pressure from a group of bad friends when you are away.

I need your steadying presence so I can actually lose this weight and figure out how to maintain the loss.  Please don't leave again!  I promise to make it worth your while if you never break up with me again.  Just imagine the things we can do together!

Your friend,


  1. Glad you got your motivation back. Looks like you had an awesome day. Good for you for not eating any of the junk you had in front of you today. Awesome job.

  2. I'm so proud of you! You are doing really well (not that I have ever thought you weren't capable). Now if only you could rub off on me...