Friday, August 27, 2010

Aug 25: Holy Serious Awesomeness!

Wow!  Midori, Mighty Warrior, you rock!  Thank you for the award - I'm all melty and teary.

So now, I get to tell you all 10 things you don't already know about me.  Since I blog and talk all about my life, that might be tough!

1.)  I can touch my nose with my tongue.

2.)  I was the geeky unpopular girl in high school...and middle school...and elementary school

3.)  I have 72 pairs of shoes.

4.)  I'm adopted.

5.)  I can speak fluent Pig Latin.

6.)  I'm double jointed and can turn my thumb around completely backwards.

7.)  During my misspent youth I got thrown out of bars more than once for brawling .....with guys.

8.)  In my early 20s I spent 2 years driving around the US and Canada with my dog (my hippie phase)

9.)  I have no favorite color because I like too many of them to choose just one.

10.)  All of our pets have "people" names: Paul, Daisy, and Katie.

Gee, if you didn't know before, now you really know how weird I am.  Midori, thank you again - this really rocks my world and means a lot to me.  One of the things that I've wanted to change about my life is that I want to make a difference for others.  This has helped me to realize just by sharing, we can each be that little inspiration that keeps someone on the right track.

I'd like to pass this award on to Chris at A Deliberate Life.  Chris, your blog inspires me, touches me, brings me to tears and makes me laugh my butt off, sometimes all in the same post.

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  1. Love #8 - I wish my dog wasn't so badly behaved or I'd love to go on trips with her! And ps, Midori DOES rock :)