Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Aug. 10: Little Victories

The dance is because yesterday I managed to stick to my eating plan without veering off it.  It was so hard.  I forgot to empty the change out of the bottom of my purse and had to talk myself out of using it in the vending machine.  My blueberries were in a Ziploc bag and got squished, so that was my "reason" that I should have a vending machine snack.  However, I persevered and ate my squished blueberries.

In a way I feel like I am starting all over again on a diet plan.  I'm not rabidly trying to lose weight right now.  Although I am not where I want to be, I am at a healthy weight, so my number one priority is maintaining.

It's frustrating because these good habits should be ingrained by now and one month of stress and it all went out the window.

I'm putting the brakes on all that, though, and if that means starting over, then I'm starting over.

One of the things that I did previously that helped keep my spirits up was listing my little victories of the day, no matter how small.  They are not all food and exercise related either - just positive accomplishments.

#1.  Eating squished blueberries instead of getting something from the vending machine
#2. Consulting a lawyer about ex-husband issues and learning what my options are
#3.  Left the house nice and tidy when I went to work (so nice to come home to)
#4.  Refilled prescriptions before I actually ran out of them
#5.  Submitted an article to a magazine
#6. Ate only what was on my food plan

Yep, I know these are little things, but they worked together for me.  I can feel proud of the fact that I ate well, did not procrastinate, and educated myself about my legal situation instead of just worrying about it.

Today's Meal Plan

m1: yogurt with protein powder, mixed berries, and Kashi
m2: grilled chicken, sweet potato fries
m3: Spinach salad, taco style, with ground turkey, blue corn tortillas and salsa

Snacks: natural pb and crackers, hmmmmmmm.....out of fresh fruit, maybe a handful of Kashi cereal and raisins

Looks like I will have to drag myself out to the store soon - pickings are getting kind of slim!  Running out of healthy food is NOT an option.

Thanks for all the wonderful positive feedback!  I truly appreciate the support!

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  1. Way to go on your victories! And congrats for staying on your plan :)

    Rock on!