Monday, April 12, 2010

April 12: Check-in

You may have noticed my weekly check-ins are not quite weekly.  Maybe I should call them weekly-ish check-ins.  Or whenever I feel like it check ins.  Anyhow, here is a check-in.

Last check-in, April 1: 187 pounds
Today, April 12: 186 pounds

Not earth-shattering but the scale is going in the right direction - that is the key.

I had some medical stuff going on this week so my eats were a bit off.  Here are my averages for the past 7 days. (Keep in mind there was Easter and a birthday in there too!)

Calories: 1514
Carbs:  154 g
Fats:  58g
Protein: 98g

Really not too bad.  The only tweaking I'm working on this week is lowering the fat and raising the protein.

Tonight I'm making a healthy homemade lean beef stroganoff with lots of mushrooms over whole wheat noodles.  Mmmmm.....Comfort food!

I've only missed 3 days of walking in the past two weeks.  I've been regularly hiking and walking and it's really helping my energy level and my state of mind.  Hiking with the girls has been great - we are planning to go again this weekend also, as long as we have good weather.  I love it!

Slow progress but still progress!

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