Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Mar. 30: I Ate Ice Cream and Lived to Tell the Tale

I realized after I posted yesterday that I sounded like a neurotic woman who rules out all complex carbs.  That is definitely NOT the case.  The frightening thing I have tackled with the refeed is eating without being concerned about keeping my calories low.  Its the concept of purposely adding a piece of bread to a meal just to raise the carbs and calories.  I've spent so many months training myself to eat carefully and within a set of guidelines, it felt like hanging upside-down on a trapeze without a net. A rush, but scary because it could all go horribly wrong.

However, I indulged over the past two days and am here to tell the tale.  I ate an English Muffin that was not Ezekiel bread.  I had ice cream for dessert - heck, I had dessert, period.  I piled fruit on my plate and nibbled it all day long.  I kept the day pretty clean, for the most part, but just added a lot of "unnecessary" food.

And I learned something.  I did not magically swell up like a balloon today.  I didn't frantically crave sugar, rooting under the couch cushions for some long ago dropped piece of candy.  I didn't lay on the couch in a carbohydrate-induced state of lethargy, too slothful to brush my teeth.  I'm avoiding the scale for a few days, because apparently this can make you retain some serious water, but I woke up and felt, FINE.  I had plenty of energy today.  I didn't have any undue cravings.  I fell back into my previous tight eating habits with no issues at all.  I took a long, brisk walk with the dog without having to fight with myself to get motivated to do it.

Life went on, my friends.  Absolutely nothing bad happened from loosening the dietary reigns a little bit.

I've already decided to do this again next Sunday and Monday.  I'll keep it all within reason again, but those two days fall conveniently on Easter and my birthday.  CAKE.  I'm going to have a slice of cake!

I'll weigh in on Friday or so and let you know if this has triggered some weight loss.  Even if it didn't, I figure I'm no further behind, as long as I didn't officially gain weight from it.

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