Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Mar. 17: Good News/ Bad News

Which do you want first?

Okay - the good news. Today was Day 2 of my walk/run program. It went way better than Day 1 and I was really excited to be able to run (or at least shuffle quickly) for half of it. I went a total of 3 km and I ran 1.5 km of it! Yippee! I did everything fro 1/4 mile intervals.

The bad news? I think I may be developing shin splints. My legs are sore alongside my shins towards the outside of my legs. Not making me a happy camper. It's not excruciating but I don't want an injury that may keep me off my feet I'm just getting into the swing of fitness. No injuries please!

I don't have much of a plan except I am limiting the dog walks to 20 minutes for the next couple of days. I'll schedule my next run as planned, based on how I'm feeling - I might even take an extra rest day. Boo hiss to shin splints! How could I have an injury this soon into it?

So, anyhow, here we sit, the dog and I, wishing for a very speedy recovery.

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