Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Mar. 16: The First "Run"

Well, folks, there's nothing like being passed by an elderly man walking, yes walking, his little dog while smoking a cigar, when you are running and gasping for air, to put you in your place.

Sad but true. I'm slower than molasses in January.

My new purple shoes apparently do not have magical powers, setting my feet afire with the joy of running. They really are pretty though, and my ankles and knees didn't hurt, so that's good.

I went for 3 km yesterday, using the basic plan in the Couch to 5K program here:
I was feeling pretty gung ho, thinking I'd be able to advance far past what they recommended. Alas, I couldn't even do quite what was recommended. From my 3 K, if I'm being very generous with myself, 3/4 km was running (or perhaps shuffling quickly.)

You know, though, I'm not giving up on it. It has to get easier - the website says it will! Tomorrow, I'm going to give it another shot, and then in 2 more days, another, and eventually, I'll be running the whole thing without sucking wind.

And the old dude with the cigar won't be able to catch me!

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