Sunday, February 28, 2010

Feb. 28: The End of a Month of Nothing

By nothing, of course, I mean NO RESULTS. I am starting this month at square one. Okay, not quite. I lost a whopping 2 pounds over the month. Sigh. Well, I didn't gain. There you go. My positive thinking for the day!

I have to really recommit myself to my goals and think about why I am doing this! It's for my physical and mental health. It's so I can continue to be a mom to my kids. It's so I can reach physical and professional goals. It's so I can look in the mirror and not have that brief moment of horror.

This week I counted calories. I've ranged between 1100 (too low) and 1480 (just right) all week, and thus, the 3 pounds that I gained went away. I'm going to continue counting calories for the next couple of weeks, as well as measuring my food. It's way too easy for your eyeball to get wonky! So, at least 2 more weeks of re-learning the good habits.

A few people have written to me that I am way too tied up in what the scale says. I'd like to rebut that. There is no way that a woman who weighs over 190 pounds is at a point where she does not need to worry about the scale. I don't work out enough that I am "building muscle" and all of the other platitudes that go along with it. I am overweight and I need not to be. I agree if you are pretty close to a healthy body weight, then how your clothes fit is more important than what the scale says. However, check any BMI chart and I am still hovering dangerously close to the "Obese" range. This weight needs to come off. I'm not going to be (for example) a size 8-10 and still weigh 190. I am not going to be able to run a 5K without horrible pain and stress to my joints and weigh 190. I am not going to go to the beach and look great or even acceptable in a tummy baring swimsuit and weigh 190. So yes, in some cases THE SCALE MATTERS!!!

So, I'm going to wrap up this crappy month, along with the less than stellar month before it. March brings us one step closer to spring (thank goodness). I am going to be counting calories and weighing and measuring food. I am going to be limiting my cheats to one a week max. I am going to get my butt moving in a workout plan (this is the hardest thing for me!) I'm setting my goal at 7 pounds for this month. I plan to end the month at 185, come hell or high water. Whatever goes on in my life, will have to go on without me abandoning my goals. The focus is on me this month.

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